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  1. D

    Is this a good market?

    Posted this in 2 FB groups but didn't receive a response from either. Figured I should post it here. So, i'm looking for advice. Is this a good market? There's a couple big brands already in this market and it is a non-seasonal item.
  2. D

    Entering into established market

    Is it better to price your product lower when entering as a new company in a already established market? Or is it better to price your product accordingly and just provide a superior product? I would offer a superior product in both situations. However, is it better to offer a low price or high...
  3. tpjay

    What came first...the market or the problem?

    My group and I were having a discussion about what come first; the market or the problem? If the market came first you are able to target a specific customer with a specific problem but you could be alienating other possible problems you can solve. (I choose this route) What do you think? I...