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is this fastlane?

  1. L

    Is this a FAST LANE Strategy? :Being an INVESTOR to start up companies (minority equity share, loan & royalties sharing) and not starting own business

    Hi Fast Lane Community, I would like to get your thoughts on this matter : Not building a business, but rather just investing to start up companies/businesses (as an angel investor) a Fast Lane approach? I am in my process of shifting from Slow Lane route to a Fast Lane strategy, but came...
  2. B

    Reselling Hosting vs Promoting Affiliate Hosting Products

    Hello from Spain everybody! :) I was a sidewalk employee who lived paycheck to paycheck until quite recently. For about a year now I have been promoting as affiliate products and services of several hosting companies, which pay me large commissions ranging from 50 to 150 dollars per sale. Right...
  3. MJ DeMarco

    Is This Idea/Business/Blah Blah Fastlane? (Uh, no, it isn't.)

    Is this Fastlane? Folks, the worst thing you can do after joining the forum is asking the question, “Is this Fastlane?” If you have been linked to this post, there’s a reason why. From this point forward, I will officially ignore any post that contains any variation of “is this Fastlane?”...