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  1. namsnix


    Hi everyone, my name is Roman/19 years old and is currently a student in a economic Academy. In about 4 month our school will have a week, when student gonna have intership in different companies or organizations. But i am kinda loss and have no idea where to go. I eventually want to be a...
  2. RomeoMe

    Are internships worth it, or should I try to learn from Small Business?

    Long story short, I got the opportunity to do an internship in a big company, I still don't know exactly which company yet but it is already a guarantee that I will get an offer, I also have my first actual business idea that I'm getting off the ground right now, which I will have to give up to...
  3. A

    Dealing with pressure of internship ?

    I'm not sure I'm sending it to the good thread but anyway. I'm close to finish college graduating in computer science and I don't plan to go to university because the tool I used from DeMarco to base my decision told me that it will not be a good time investment and money investment because it's...
  4. J

    STEP BY STEP: how I found 5 unpaid VA's to work with my startup.

    Hello! Just wanted to share this method here (step by step) as it's significantly increased the amount of busy-work that gets out the door each day. I feel obliged to share because it's made a world of a difference for me in my 2nd year, and I think a lot of entrepreneurs could use the help in...
  5. GoldMan79

    [Need] Computer science engineer from a foreign country looking for an internship to move to Canada

    Hello, I'm a computer science engineer from Morocco, by the end of this year I will finish school and obtain my engineering degree from Morocco and a master's degree from France, I'm looking for an internship in Canada, will you be willing to give me this opportunity?