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dan lok

  1. P789

    Unlock It - Dan Lok

    Has anyone read Dan Lok’s latest book? What do you think? Spoiler Alert: He explained the wealth triangle in a deep way.
  2. Galaxy16

    Dan Lok failed 13 times in business? How did he recover?

    Was Dan Lok not really, really broke? How did Dan Lok recover 13 times? Yes, willpower. But I mean financially and factually.
  3. TonyStark

    F.U. Money (Giveaway) [Closed]

    I never really heard of this guy until I watched him on YouTube. I thought he was another MLM preacher type. But he has some pretty good business lessons in his books and videos. He talks about his multiple streams of income, internet businesses, copywriting, mentors, and sales. View...
  4. malphax5

    What Are Some Examples of High Income Skills?

    First off, according to Dan Lok, a high income skills is any skill that helps you generate $10K a month or at least $100,000 a year. I know for sure that it can be any skills like coaching, copywriting, and public speaking. As long as those gets you the amount stated above. I just want to know...
  5. ALC

    Real Estate Agent - MLM Model

    Hi Fastlaners, I was wondering what's your thought on the MLM based model for Real Estate, used by Keller Williams and many others.. ? I mean, can we trust this type of businesses specially in this industry ? Can we trust this business model in itself ? I've met 2x Team leaders just in order...