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character traits of successful entrepreneurs

  1. PizzaOnTheRoof

    You Might Not Be A True Entrepreneur If...

    Listened to this podcast last night from TMBA, with the author of Traction (Gino) as guest. He says there’s True Entrepreneurs and then there’s Self Employed, and everyone...
  2. A

    Just Out of Curiosity

    TFL is intriguing read. I also just downloaded part of Unscripted which I'll read tonight. Now I'm just wonderin, aside from process and following MJs guidelines what do you all think are the psychological or character traits that make a person a success on the Fadtlane? Thanks again.
  3. AndrewNC

    Character Traits of a Successful Fastlaner

    After being on this forum for six years, building my own business, and helping many newer forum members get started in building their businesses; I started to see a lot of common patterns between what makes some of us successful while other ones say they want to build a business; but they never...
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