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can a brother ask a question

  1. Dr. Goldenage

    Need a little piece of advice.

    I am 18 year old from a poor family living in a country with less than 4m residents. There was a question I always wanted to ask people who were very successful. Is it really possible to read some non-fiction books, watch online courses, learn few programming languages and get reach ? I mean...
  2. chazwazzer

    Acquiring a business - an independent contractor's customer base for branded merch

    I am curious if anyone has tried something like this where you buy out a business owner who is a 1099 distributor for an advertising company that sells specialty items/business gifts. Also very curious what you think for this kind of niche what net cashflow multiple would be reasonable to...
  3. E

    My Introduction and First Questions

    Hello everyone! My name is Eli Ingrum. I am from southern Illinois. I just finished reading The Millionaire Fastlane and I am super excited about beginning my fastlane journey. I am also stoked about learning from all of you guys on here! I do have a few questions though: 1. I am not...
  4. Royce2

    -Caution- My wife's doing MLM

    My lady is into a program called Arbonne. And without a doubt it is full of MLM. All the right keywords of "passive-income" and "free vacation trips" are all there. However, she told me that she's not paying them a dime for any fees and not doing any CD brainwashing. She's been exposed to Am#@y...