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buying businesses

  1. Gabbe18

    Buying Online Businesses

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share this resource which I think is pretty interesting. I have mentioned the subject before here. So what I am talking about is acquisition entrepreneurship. I follow a girl called Codie Sanchez who has a website called Contrarian Thinking and Unconventional...
  2. B

    Road to $100 Million

    NOTE: This first post is a catch up - had been tracking this somewhere else since August 2021, so this is a dump of updates before I continue Summary QLA + other biz buying approaches combined into a roll up focus. Aim is to roll up and exit ASAP. My Background - Marketing background (SaaS +...
  3. doitman

    From 0 To $240,000 Per Year PROFIT In 18 Months (Acquisition Entrepreneurship)

    GOLD! HOT! 
    From 0 to $240,000 per year profit in 18 months I've been a follower of this forum for about a year now, had read the Millionaire Fastlane book, and finally have decided to tell my story. About a year and a half ago, I found myself unemployed and with near zero savings, two house payments, and...