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bookkeeping; accounting

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  1. Tanu1234

    I prepared a list of top tax deductions for business owners. Check it out.

    To reduce the tax burden, consider these top 25 tax deductions for small businesses. Some of the common deductions are wages, travelling expenses, interest, promotion expenses. Check out the whole list now to save your business cash. Below are Tax deductions for small businesses as per US tax...
  2. Tanu1234

    How to do bookkeeping in Quickbooks? Tips based on my experience

    Quickbooks is a popular choice for accounts management. Quickbooks is easy to use with awesome features. You can handle most of the accounting tasks such as invoicing, payroll, budgeting and reconciliation in QB. It requires a little bit of time to learn the software functionality but it’s worth...
  3. S

    Bookkeeping Needed -

    We are needing to switch bookkeeping services, and I was wondering if anyone has any input on choosing a bookkeeper. While doing a web search, I found and also wondering if anyone knows anything of that company, and can provide any recommendations or cautions. I realize that MJ...
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