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  1. ivmarkov1992@gma

    HOT! What to do with a lot of land on the island in Croatia?

    Hi everyone, I hope you are doing good. I want to start a discussion :) First of all, I'm from Croatia, and I'm 29 years old. I'm an entrepreneur, and when my dad died in 2018, I went from being dad's son to a man that needs to handle a couple of businesses. My family owns a big piece of land...
  2. Joe Cassandra

    NOTABLE! 6-Figures In 12 Months Copywriting. Quit Job. Here's How I Did It:

    I stumbled back on the Forum from some late night reading. Figured I could share my story. Even if it helps just one person. In no way am I some 'hot shot millionaire.' Not even close. But, this past year has been life-changing, and could help you. If you look at my profile, I haven't been on...
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