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ad agency

  1. Zlatin Manahov

    I'm Scaling a Digital Marketing Agency from $0 to $30K/month and...

    EXECUTION this thread I'll be detailing my progress. Quick Backstory: I am a 19yo uni student majoring in Business Administration and Economics. I only needed one semester to verify that I am indeed wasting my time and money on university. I kept witnessing people my age already seeing some success...
  2. Paco G

    Do you know about Ad Agencys?

    I want to start an Ad Agency, but I'm inexperienced in entrepreneurship. If you have experience in running an Ad Agency, PLEASE contact me in this Forum. Thanks in advance
  3. O

    Free Google Ads Guide For eCommerce Brands

    Thought this might be useful for some of you! We just wrote a Google Ads guide for eCommerce businesses taking their first foray into PPC (Free and no email required) ⬇️
  4. O

    Free Google Ads Guide For eCommerce

    Guide > Google Ads Guide For eCommerce | Snowball Creations This does not cover how to set up your google ad account but does try to give a load of more high-level advice to follow all born from what works for my agency and our clients over the years. I think this community is more weighted to...
  5. Selfmadeujjwal

    Want to start an agency!

    Hey everyone! I want to start a Google ads agency in india and i want to target doctors as my clients. What should I keep in mind while starting the agency and further like How to get clients? What should be the cold calling script? How to close them on call If anyone had experience with the...
  6. S

    The Story of my Marketing- & Sales-Agency

    Hey there, so I decided to do this sort of diary, to share my story and my process. Mainly for myself, to reflect on the process, the problems and my mind (-set) but on the other hand I think it is great to share experiences so someone can maybe get inspired or not to feel alone with certain...
  7. Pritesh

    Looking for Clients/Leads/Sales For Your Business? I am Your Guy

    I am offering my services of getting you more clients/leads/sales. for your Business. Here are the businesses I will not be working with (clarifying this upfront so there won't be any misunderstandings in the future): 1. Businesses that have just started with little to no sales experience...

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