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  1. ZF Lee

    GOLD! [RANT]: Raise the minimum wage! This is so unfair!

    Entry-level marketing associate... In the old days, copywriters like John Carlton and even Dan Kennedy were stuck to 100% commissions rate. Which means your marketing pieces had to sell, or else you don’t get paid a SINGLE cent. no base pay or expenses or whatever. Commissions. I guess now if...
  2. ZF Lee

    Where to learn trading?

    Having traded stocks since last year, here's some resources I'll recommend: 1. Anything by Rayner Teo. Has tons of free blog and YouTube content. Check out his Price Action Secrets book, and his latest website Shooting Stocks. His starter book The Ultimate Guide to Price Action Trading is a...
  3. ZF Lee

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Never underestimate the almighty rice cooker. You can cook almost anything in it besides rice...soup, noodles, stews, pasta, and even cake. My rice cooker in college had an extra compartment to cook extra food with the steam from the rice. Another death blow to kids' excuses that 'cooking...
  4. ZF Lee


    Great! BTW, what are you studying currently? Engineering? Computer science? Business?
  5. ZF Lee

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    You can put your entries in this thread:
  6. ZF Lee

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Well MJ, I believe that once folks start breaking through the SCRIPT of wealth through your books and others, they'll start having more questions and will seek more answers. Many of the greatest spiritual reformations have come from one's personal reflections and journeys (see Martin Luther...
  7. ZF Lee

    Is it actually true as MJ claims that starting a business doesn't require much capital?

    Actually going public SHOULDN'T be about cashing out...going public is to be used to raise more funds for massive expansion. But well...even entrepreneurs have lost sight of that purpose. And yes, while buying out other companies for competition's sake is one route, not all companies stay...
  8. ZF Lee

    Is it actually true as MJ claims that starting a business doesn't require much capital?

    yeah, if you want to value companies using enterprise value. The formula is Debt + Equity - cash and equivalents to give you assets and working capital. Simply working the financial statement backwards...
  9. ZF Lee

    MEETUPS Can we please open a FB group?

    Most of my good stock and business groups are on Telegram now. I think even some gurus have opened up paid memberships to access content on Telegram (I listen to a $9/week Ecom Depository from Nate Schmidt) Even if Facebook wasn't so authoritarian, it'll still be filled with spam-sters begging...
  10. ZF Lee

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Half-expecting Discord to pursue a SPAC...for some reasons, recently one too many companies are spamming SPACS. While I can understand SPAC cuts out some of the lags from a typical IPO process, I couldn't help but wonder if an IPO's barriers-to-entry were there for a reason...this just reminds...
  11. ZF Lee

    INTRO Introducing myself

    Welcome to TFLF! Sorry about the church closing...I hope the congregation can still attend online services or cell one way or another... If I can remember, Paul of the Bible also did not exercise his right to get paid by the church- he still did his trade as a tentmaker and wanted to be more...
  12. ZF Lee

    EXECUTION ZF's progress thread

    Saw quite a number of posts pop up on TFLF from folks struggling to build up skills for freelancing, finding actual clients, etc. I sensed a lot of confusion and uncertainty...what can we expect when most of us have been taught since young to follow orders and not to build our own things from...
  13. ZF Lee

    Where to start with investing in stocks ?

    To add to the convo... From putting my money in the markets, I've seen even great stocks with decent fundamentals and dividends get cut down. That can be very fatal for folks who buy and hold. Why? Smart money (hedge funds, investment banks, etc). They quietly buy up stock when there's no...
  14. ZF Lee

    Which are technological open-minded countries ?

    At least your waterways are super clean...even otters hop in and out as they please and no one bats an eye... Here in Malaysia, the government tried to clean up Klang River into a wonder, but lots of shit happened like alleged corruption (unreported cash outflows), some boo-boos in reporting...
  15. ZF Lee

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    No 2 is already a big WTF for me...never knew the track record of the vaccine companies were real shady. Wonder if the Chinese vaccines will be any better...

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