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    "The Success Alarm" for iPhone

    Thanks! That is true, that would be awkward and difficult. :rofl: That is a good idea, though I seem to fall back asleep. For me, it is a move or fail situation.
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    "The Success Alarm" for iPhone

    Thank you! I wrote some of it myself but ran into some more complicated material getting the tracking to work, so then worked with a freelancer to finish it. I am still correcting my sleeping habits, and I am hoping this helps me as well as whoever needs it. I am still working on marketing...
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    "The Success Alarm" for iPhone

    Hey guys, As I have been talking to people about hitting their goals and their daily routines, I have heard from many people how it is difficult for them to get out of bed right when their first alarm goes off. I understand that there are other root causes that need to be addressed, such as...
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    INTRO Hello!

    Hey! I am an adventure entrepreneur, always up for any business adventure. I currently own two businesses, one being a life improvement company bringing products to the market place to help entrepreneurs hit their goals, and the second being a vending company. Looking forward to chatting!
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