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  1. marfling

    How I grew my SEO client base.

    I built those mini sites in a program called XSitePro, the only thing I could actually use to build sites at the time because it was idiot friendly! I had the emails set up to forward to my main email address but they didn't for some reason and I found it on the server. I don't lose many...
  2. marfling

    How I grew my SEO client base.

    Not Wordpress spammed, Pharma spammed. Some bot basically added hundreds of pages to my site selling viagra and the like. I probably hadn't looked at my own site in 2 years and contemplating replacing it with a one pager. Or even removing altogether.
  3. marfling

    How I grew my SEO client base.

    Funny story about that. It's not online at the moment because it got Wordpress spammed and a prospective client doing due diligence on me pointed it out, which nearly scuppered the deal. I put a new site up in 2016 and never had any business through it. If it was online, and without sounding...
  4. marfling

    How I grew my SEO client base.

    I have small SEO business currently servicing 12 clients paying a monthly retainer as well as some ad-hoc project work such audits and research. I’m earning well but my income is 100% handcuffed to my time and I don’t know where the keys to the handcuffs are at the moment. I’ve only really just...
  5. marfling

    HOT TOPIC Digital Marketing Agency, the new Podcasting?

    Completely agree with this. I don't think I could price myself low and be all of the things you bolded above either, it takes time to deliver that type of quality. I do have clients on a lower retainers and I still approach them the same way, I just can't get my hands as dirty. I also find that...
  6. marfling

    INTRO Desire but no direction

    Definitely keep reading and you'll learn that taking a job isn't the end of the world for someone in your position. In fact in can be the start of your Unscripted journey.
  7. marfling

    Easy business idea

    I've got Unscripted on audio and the guy that narrates (Scott Thomas I think) is really good. There are parts that make me laugh but that might be because it's the first book I've ever listened to. Will definitely have to check out TMF though if MJ narrates it!
  8. marfling

    INTRO From mediocre middle class to six-figure SEO affiliate marketer

    I have a few private blogs built up from authority domains purchased from businesses that went bust. They're on different servers and as separate as I can get them, content good, but I still wouldn't use them on clients sites. Ever. Like you said, personally I think the risk is too high...
  9. marfling

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I read it all over a single weekend. Need to read it again though, felt like I rushed through it being a bit over excited. Easily one of the best books I've read.

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