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    Going Fastlane

    Glad that I could help :thumbsup: I'm very much into agile methodologies, which evolved from eXtreme Programming, and I find that many of the original principles of XP apply to more than just programming. One of the best ones says "Do The Simplest Thing That Could Possibly Work" ... for...
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    Creating an amazing platform! But how?

    Regardless of the money you don't have, it sounds a bit passive to me, I don't know how "targeted" that advertising is, but I would be concerned that the audience I want to reach might not see the ad... Are you certain the ad can positively be shown mainly to the potential users of your product...
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    BOOK Web Development

    Look on Amazon for best sellers in the PHP programming category, check those with 4* or more average. For instance this one Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript: With jQuery, CSS & HTML5 seems to have better reviews than the one your are reading right now. After you find 2-3 books that sound...
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    Programming Side hustle?

    :thumbsup::thumbsup: We're all here to help each other, any opinion will show a way, an option to the OP
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    Any data scientists here?

    What did those guys tell you about data cleaning ? "data" is a very wide term and "cleaning" certainly has a very precise meaning for them, depending on many things, one cannot come up with a generic solution ... Suppose you try to build a data cleaning system, the users of the system would...
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    Programming Side hustle?

    This is somehow true, but not completely. For sure there's hustle to do in that area, but it's a bit more complicated than that when you look into it. On one hand, many of the "shiny" front ends these days are done with some flavor of JavaScript ( React, Angular and similar frameworks come to...
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    Going Fastlane

    I would not call it "studying" Java. Java is several things. First it's the programming language. Then there's the big "umbrella" that covers lots of libraries, frameworks, derivatives ( Android is basically Java for instance ), evolutions (Kotlin is an evolution of Java) and whatever else. The...
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    BOOK REVIEW Man's Search for Meaning, by Viktor Frankl

    I think constantly thinking and searching for "meaning" can become too abstract and probably somehow paralyzing. This works if one's a monk in a Zen monastery, but for everyday people like us ... you still need to eat, go to the dentist, buy groceries, pay bills, everyday stuff ... I would...
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    Programming Side hustle?

    I would say there are two things to distinguish from : - programming skills. For this Python is a very good choice, which can be learned quite easily, all you need is a couple of books and some development practice, coding something by yourself beyond the exercises in the books. This new skill...
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    BOOK REVIEW The Chimp Paradox, by Dr. Steve Peters (Review & Discussion)

    I think you're reading things quite literally, because of course you're right, we only have one mind, that creates everything, good or bad. I take the "chimp mind" more as a metaphor, because there's no sound reason as to how someone can go from being completely logical and rational to the...
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    Possible App

    I use Tapatalk for a couple other forums and I don't have to pay anything. But those are kinda more "basic" forums compared to this one, I'm not sure how/if all of the current functionalities of this one would immediately be available through Tapatalk. Regarding cost, this is from their FAQ...
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    EXECUTION Old man tries to start

    Not at all, keep it coming ! I'm 52 and like you don't want to keep on working for others, paying with my time, when I could work for myself, fastlane style. TMF was a trigger to start being proactive about doing something, for now I'm reading a lot of threads here and trying to come up with...
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    NOTABLE! Just stick with it, don't quit. It's a hard journey - $30k in a single month... finally.

    Fellow software guy here, it's very inspiring to hear someone succeeding in the same field, congratulations on such an achievement :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read it, which lead me to discovering the forum. Very inspiring book. Now it's time to review the highligthed parts and put them in crash notes format for reference. And work on the next step forward.

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