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  1. Genius01

    EXECUTION Building an Authority Site in a hobby niche- on an expired domain.

    Thanks. Good to have you around, do have a seat and have a I did get a ton of inspiration from your Kindle publishing thread when I joined the forum, I must say. Was a really good one. :cool: :thumbsup: Thanks. I'll be sure to reach out if I have any issues. Yes, a number of...
  2. Genius01

    EXECUTION Building an Authority Site in a hobby niche- on an expired domain.

    MORE DETAILS: I acquired the domain name around mid last year, for 3,000 dollars, in an installmental payment plan over a year. I paid that much for it because it was already generating an average of $100 monthly from the existing traffic to the domain, with absolutely nothing on the domain...
  3. Genius01

    EXECUTION Building an Authority Site in a hobby niche- on an expired domain.

    I'm currently in the process of building an authority site in a hobby niche, using an expired domain. It's in an evergreen hobby niche that is likely to be around even in the next 100 years and beyond (I hope, lol). **************** For those that don't know, An expired domain is an aged...
  4. Genius01

    GOLD! Envision - Real Estate Progress Thread

    Wow, thanks so much for the detailed response, I really appreciate it. I've read it over and over again, and it makes a whole lot of sense. One last question on this, particularly regarding your speed of research and decision making. You said this- How are you able to do this extent of...
  5. Genius01

    GOLD! Envision - Real Estate Progress Thread

    @Envision, I'm curious....what's your approach to researching things and decision making.... especially in unfamiliar areas where you don't have all the information at hand. E.g. when you were building out your ecommerce website initially, or learning the ropes about building your real estate...
  6. Genius01

    GOLD! Envision - Real Estate Progress Thread

    Wow! @Bolded part, You're one hell of a bull man!!! Keep the updates coming please. Don't stop updating ever, I'm sure even greater things still lie ahead.
  7. Genius01

    GOLD! CHECKLIST: How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency & Hit $5K in Less than 90 Days

    That's cool. Thanks. Is the name of the software something you don't mind sharing? I'll like to know if so. But if it's proprietary or a business secret, then that's okay too.
  8. Genius01

    EXECUTION 2k/month before I finish school

    Great! Persistence pays. I absolutely agree that you should work on diversifying your sources of income, especially your sources of traffic if you can.
  9. Genius01

    Advice needed - Entrepreneurship vs Startup for a medical student

    I personally believe no knowledge is wasted. And no skills gathered are wasted, especially when it relates to entrepreneurship. I have a colleague (also a doctor) who designs websites and apps as a passion, and has done projects (apps and websites) for other fellow doctors and medical...
  10. Genius01

    NOTABLE! $2.18 Million in Income & $632,842 in Profit in 2019 My 1st Year in Business, with Lyme Disease AMA

    Wow. You've really been through a lot of health challenges. You must be a true fighter to pull through all of these. I hope you've recovered from this latest set of infections (or at least are recovering fast). Hopefully this would be the last of them. Wish you all the best.
  11. Genius01

    Physician Endorsement

    You'll need to decide what specialty of physician you want to endorse your product. Dermatologist? Neurologist? Etc. Or will just any doctor do? If any random doctor will do, a family physician is probably your best bet. If you need to find a particular specialty, then you may need to browse...
  12. Genius01

    Should I just go all in on Facebook Ads?

    This sounds like a good idea. And you could basically upsell them at the end of each email every week saying- "You could get many more opportunities like this every single day if you subscribe. Click here to subscribe at a 50% discount just for today." Disclaimer: I don't bet, have never...
  13. Genius01

    NOTABLE! Managing Your Expectations Is Everything! Expectations.. An Integral Piece To Your First Million In Sales.

    Great write-up. This should honestly be marked at least Notable. What say thou.... @MJ DeMarco
  14. Genius01

    Mercury on-line bank refused to open me an account, any options?

    Any details from your experience with them? Care to share?
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