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    Learning by doing- Jumped into it with 1,000 book order

    Upd: actually bought and read the book. In fact you aren't breaking down the topic at all. When I was 9, I was reading books that actually explained how to raise the imaginary unit to various powers, what a recursive program is, why the grass is wet in the morning and so on. I remember to this...
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    Learning by doing- Jumped into it with 1,000 book order

    Nice. Kudos for breaking down a complex topic. Though I am not a fan of "how central banks cause prices of things to go up by creating money..." Do you really want to raise children thinking that banks are evil? And isn't there also some inflation in the Bitcoin land? It's at 60K now. And...
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    Stop reading self-improvement books

    @Madame Peccato, as on example, I have read Eric Franklin's "Dance Imagery for Technique and Performance." In my mind it is not a self-improvement book, however. It doesn't tell me the meaning of life, the "rules for life," how to be a different person. The self-improvement books I have in mind...
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    Stop reading self-improvement books

    Thanks for all the input. So far my theory still stands. Self-help books are written for the mainstream. So you will not get level 3 or level 4 knowledge in this way. Once you have been thoroughly exposed to the idea of getting rich, more general-purpose books on money won't help. Once you...
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    Hi everyone! I want to help people handle INTENSE emotions in the moment.

    Remember, anyone can sing and anyone can audition for a talent show? But only a fraction of a fraction get selected. Similarly, anyone has experience handling intense emotions and can give some common-sense advice. But only a fraction of a fraction are so good, they can effectively coach it to...
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    Stop reading self-improvement books

    As someone who has read a lot of non-fiction, my advice is know when to stop. Somebody asked on this forum, what book to read after TMF, and got very insightful advice: don't read any. Just take action. Just because a book is in a self-improvement section at Barnes & Noble does not mean that it...
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    Have no direction with my career, advice needed

    Hard to assess your skills from the information given. Not a very good programmer - what does it mean exactly? Most people with a computer science B.Sc. who worked at Google or Facebook for 2-3 years are not very good, because less than 1% are very good. Or is it more like you have only ever...
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    Luxury goods millionaires? Really?

    Either way you have to create value. You have explained yourself that the value is not in the product but in the brand. Put the same amount of effort into creating a brand, and after 1000s of hours you will probably understand how it works.
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    Brainstorming - parenting niche

    I used to have this same concern, and wasted years before learning my lesson: most new ideas aren't good. (Particularly most new ideas created by a person with no business experience.) If you come up with a new idea and see nobody doing it; maybe they aren't doing it for a reason. Yes, you can...
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    Progress Log: Investing for Passive Income

    This is an amazingly clear explanation. My interpretation is that it is betting on volatility: hoping that the stock will be fluctuating up and down. If it were to keep increasing then this strategy would lose money by selling, then buying back at a higher price.
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    Why does MJ tell the truth? Lying would make him more money.

    As another method to approach people that you want advice from, I once got a message from some young guy on Linkedin who wrote he wanted to learn from me and be under my guidance (because of some big accomplishment of mine he was aware of), and asked to give him an assignment. I replied I...
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    Entrepreneurial Failure (Get Used To It)

    this is spam...
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    Hi Sean, read your thread about a service business for real estate agents. I've been working on...

    Hi Sean, read your thread about a service business for real estate agents. I've been working on a complementary business with a few other people that is also serving real estate agents, though is a tech solution: EZ Homes – Real Estate Interactions Made Easy Let's chat some time and learn from...
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    How much does it cost to make an app like Tinder?

    From actually working on something similar, you could build a throw-away MVP that is still "viable" for maybe $60k (sixty, not $2k) or maybe even less. If you have a very experienced developer who is a cofounder, they may be able to produce a usable MVP in 6 weeks of full-time work, but for a...
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    Why do so many programmer's settle for jobs when they're capable of so much more?

    If you work 50 hours/week and make $25K/year and hate your job, it's one thing. If you work 30 hours/week and make $250K/year and generally enjoy your job, it's another thing.

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