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    NOTABLE! Chronic laziness. How to overcome?

    Absolutely love this <3
  2. eTox

    NOTABLE! Chronic laziness. How to overcome?

    Wow! 5 years later. Here I am... After failing a sh!t ton of times and eating lots of crap I realized one thing: "Who the f*ck gives a shit?" Do you want to overcome laziness? Do you want to achieve things in life? Then nobody cares that you are lazy. The problem is not with you being...
  3. eTox

    need help with mobile game devlopement

    I would avoid mobile game dev as a plague. But if you're young, ambitious and with a mind then you'll come to this conclusion on your own. Here are some great resources on mobile game design: Listen to their podcast. It's a gold mine. Watch this channel...
  4. eTox

    EXECUTION Building an eCommerce brand

    Guys, if you are just starting out e-commerce and are running ads to your product without having any relevant upsells in the funnel - you're literally burning money and giving yourself so much opportunity to fail.
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    To Build a Webiste or To Pay Someone ? - Wix vs SS vs Shopify vs [etc] - eCommerce Platform

    Your goal should not be focusing on which platform to choose or whether to hire or build the website yourself. The question should be why haven't you done it yet? If you can't solve the simplest task that any Indian guy can do with no education in 30 minutes, don't be surprised by the...
  6. eTox

    EXECUTION Building an eCommerce brand

    Thank you. I just wanted to say this. I now believe that my previous actions have imposed limiting beliefs without even realizing it. From now on, I will not beat myself up for being "stupid", rather I will call myself a person who just lacks context, information, and a particular skill with...
  7. eTox

    EXECUTION Building an eCommerce brand

    Thanks for the write-up! I mainly state that not because I actually believe that, but because I get to realize this every single day. I'm more than sure by now that I'm the most stupid person out there. It just helps me realize that I must stay humble, learn and prepare to fail at every step -...
  8. eTox

    EXECUTION Building an eCommerce brand

    Guys, if you knew how much dirt I already ate with this new brand... lol. It's an insane emotional rollercoaster. Let me stabilize it first and then I'll write in detail day by day what the heck was happening and what lessons I have learned. XD
  9. eTox

    EXECUTION Building an eCommerce brand

    Let's rename the thread. How about: "Learning From My Mistakes - Building An Ecommerce Brand"? I think it will reflect the future posts in this thread.
  10. eTox

    EXECUTION Building an eCommerce brand

    Great design is a cherry on top of a cake. A cake of intent. Unless the buyer is looking to buy, it doesn't matter how great your website will look - they will buy. That's why those shitty dropshipping websites work and that's why not all websites look pretty either. People don't buy because...
  11. eTox

    EXECUTION Building an eCommerce brand

    For eCommerce brands: Google search ads are where people learn and discover. Google shopping ads are where people buy. Do you want a 0.5% conversion rate with an optimized landing page or a 5%+? The choice is yours. Your perception does not equal reality. If I want to buy something I can...
  12. eTox

    MARKETPLACE Ready to Build a 7-figure eCommerce Business? Click here!

    This was amazing! After getting @Black_Dragon43 5-step course and going back and forth with him about building funnels, solving problems, and building trust with customers this masterclass was simply amazing. It answered so many questions that I had which weren't yet answered and the guys just...
  13. eTox

    RANT How Much is TOO MUCH For a Membership Subscription Rebill?

    Does anyone have experience with upselling a membership in their post-purchase funnel or something along these lines? If I offer a monthly recurring fee for membership in a community that offers discounts, tutorials, tips, etc how much would you charge for this? $19, $49, $149? Any thoughts...
  14. eTox

    How should I finance a business

    I second that. Before you sell your own products learn how to sell the products of other people. At least go pick up CPA offers, Affiliate offers or dropship some shit. You won't magically sell millions of your own product without first actually knowing how to sell lol.
  15. eTox

    EXECUTION Building an eCommerce brand

    Starting this progress thread to show the Fastlane kindergarten how it's done. I'll update with solid action faking as I go on. Stay tuned.
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