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    How I used SEO to create (and eventually sell) in a tough niche

    To anyone wanting to jump in with outsourced writers from the start and hoping to achieve similar success: I'd just like to suggest that these guys who sell their sites for mid 7 figures all say the same thing for a reason. One of my students also did the same thing (sold for mid seven figures...
  2. buildpath

    GOLD! Intro, AMA, and a Recent Sale for $6M of

    Thank you for doing this AMA so far. Could you expand on any of the strategies you used to acquire backlinks from 2,000 referring domains? Was it as simple as just creating the obviously great content and performing large scale outreach (like homeadvisor for example) to build links?
  3. buildpath

    trying to figure out March 12 broad core update.

    trying to figure out March 12 broad core update.

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