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I have had the pleasure of starting off in life broke and bad credit, with lots of 9-5 jobs, never could afford to pay for college, or even get the loans for it, so I HAD to self-educate myself, which never helped me with employers as it did not have validation.

I found Internet marketing in the the late 1990's but didn't use it until I started a real estate flipping business in 2006 on the web, and it IS what made my company successful, on a small scale, since I was limited by how many homes I could flip. Real estate FLIPPING (Not renting) gave me my financial freedom from working a job. I have been somewhat free since 2007, but not rich. Since 2017 I have been dabbling in many different types of online campaigns to find my new vehicle that will give me the ultimate freedom I now must have.

It is easy to see through the shiny objects now due to my experience in business, but It never ceases to amaze me how much Internet marketing has changed. I would say the most important skill one can learn is how to write ads, use the online ad platforms and write simple copy. If you can learn how to run ads on the important networks where the traffic is, then you can sell whatever your passion is.
Mentor, Ohio
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Real Estate: Rehab/Fix/Flip
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