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  1. _LuisCarmona

    RANT Slowlane exit debate

    Don't quit until you have another way to make money. It's much harder to start a business when you're broke and need to pay the bills. Sleep less, get rid of your TV, and work evenings on creating some extra income. When your extra income is significant, then quit the job, and get your time...
  2. _LuisCarmona

    RANT Slowlane exit debate

    Thank you! I really appreciate your comment
  3. _LuisCarmona

    RANT Slowlane exit debate

    Hi everyone, today I want to open a Debate about the work and ways to get out from the slowlane, but first, I want tell you an little history, my own history. (Some of context) In my previous post Told you that I'm an inmigrant, well I left my country 3 years ago, (without delving into...
  4. _LuisCarmona

    INTRO Somewhere in LATAM (Venezuelan maker)

    Hi everyone, before to start please apologize my beginner english, maybe some people in this forum had listen or reading something about my country and let me tell you that's true, I was an ordinary student of architecture in a little city, but everything changed 3 years ago when I decided move...

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