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Took two years to realize that all my agi doesn't go to my savings account. 2019-2020 I'm reinvesting in the business more so than myself.
Hello Walter, I have sent PM to you about your new book. Could you please take a look? Thanks!
Walter Hay
Walter Hay
I have sent the latest edition to you as requested.
Hi everyone. Jaded by life. By working and not getting anywhere. Time to change it. Really excited about being a part of this forum.
Hi Surf16! I read a bit about your experience with the snake oil people when you started selling on Amazon, and I'm wondering if you'd be interested in talking about what happened to you? I know someone who's writing an e-book designed to help people stay out of slick "coaching" traps. Thanks!
new to this site and read your posts and I believe you have several books available for purchase. Any of your books deal with importing as a broker to make arrangements between buyers from the USA and sellers from overseas like the carribean? I have some sources that can lead me to meet the producers/manufacturers but I want to educate myself and I am in no rush thanks
Walter Hay
Walter Hay
My importing book will help you with essential knowledge about the basics of importing, but it doesn't deal with being an import broker. Risks involved include getting paid. You can sell on an "indent" basis. Your buyers pay before you order the goods. Protect their money and yours with escrow, or L/C. Beware of scams, particularly with fake documents. My book deals with freight scams. You should learn about that.
Oh I see wow thank you sir. I'll do that
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