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I love your Analogy you posted. You said it perfectly. Thank you. I appreciate you
Thank you! There is some wisdom on these boards. Hope you enjoy some of the threads.
Ernman - are you still in the Jacksonville area? I'd like to connect if possible!
Vlady - sorry for the delayed response, crazy week. Yes, still in JAX.
If you see a man undaunted in danger, untouched by passion, happy in adversity, calm in the raging storm, viewing mankind from a higher level and the gods from their own, will you not be moved by veneration? Will you not say: "this is too grand and lofty to be of a quality with the little body that contains it; the power that has informed that man is divine"?
Hey Crexty, I’m new to the Fastlane Forum, just saw your post re: a Fastlane house in Scottsdale. I’m moving to Scottsdale in two weeks. I know I’m responding way late but we should talk anyway, as I am moving to Scottsdale with 0 connections and I have a few questions. My phone is 845 554 4533, email is
Hey Fid, i like your Post of your Webdesign growth Fears. Im Jeremy from Germany and want to connect with you, i think we can help each other and growth toghter. Im in the same Business in Germany. Where we can connect? Greetings
Good morning and Hi everyone!

Thank you for welcoming me to this great forum, I appreciate.

I'm a startup entrepreneur and lives in London UK. I started working on my business Idea and work through and have completed my business plan and feels great about it. I look forward to to achieving my goals of running my own business. All support, opinion, information or mentors are welcome!
Reading is important to getting rich and having great time to enjoy it
Hi fellow Nigerian. Nice to meet you I’m Poepe.
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