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Hi Amaravil,
I would like to help you regarding your sales problem:
I am a german native speaker , technical interested and made a project selling stuff online.

Please let me know if you are interested
Best regards,
Hello dude,

You replied to my amazon post. I was wondering if you know about taxes? I mean I am from europe and I still have not found any good info about it. Do you know to where or how I have to pay them?
Will amazon collect them from me or do I have to, somehow, collect taxes by myself and then pay to IRS?

Have a nice day man!
Entrepreneur, Coder, Blogger, a fan of T20 Cricket
I also have email notification turned on for everything. So I have an email copy for all upvotes, followers, mentions, comments, etc. Draw your own conclusions.
Somehow my old account was deleted and my email address didn't show up, though my old user name still shows as taken. Anyway, I've created another account and was previously Michael, though I tend to read a lot and not post a lot. I read The Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted years ago, and have reread them several times.
Took two years to realize that all my agi doesn't go to my savings account. 2019-2020 I'm reinvesting in the business more so than myself.
Hello Walter, I have sent PM to you about your new book. Could you please take a look? Thanks!
Walter Hay
Walter Hay
I have sent the latest edition to you as requested.
Hi everyone. Jaded by life. By working and not getting anywhere. Time to change it. Really excited about being a part of this forum.
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