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would forex expertise be considered a fastlane to wealth?

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Mar 12, 2016
You could make selling adult diapers a fastlane business. Process over products.

Jon L

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Aug 22, 2015
Bellevue, WA
I have a friend that sells dirt and rocks to landscapers. The way he is doing it is fastlane. It could also be slowlane.

George Soros is pretty successful. Countless others have lost their shirts in forex.

Pretty much, you're asking the wrong question.

What needs have you noticed out in the world that you think you could fill? (much better question for you to consider)
How could you fill those needs in a way that people would pay money for?

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Feb 21, 2012
It's not fastlane if you are only starting with a small amount of your own money. That lacks scale.

Even if you generated 100% returns, if you are trading $5,000, then thats what you'll double. Hardly fastlane.

On the other hand, trading other peoples money is fastlane.

So would creating or selling other peoples trading signals, courses, software, seminars, brokerage services etc

It's a huge market, so theres plenty of opportunities there and what your learn from forex is applicable to other areas (hedge funds, commodities, stocks, bitcoin etc).

"Trade your way to financial freedom" - Van Tharp, is a good introduction
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Mar 30, 2013
Trading is in no way fastlane in the beginning. It takes years to learn to trade successfully (regardless of what the gurus online will tell you) and it's one of only a few businesses where you could do it for 20 years and never learn how to earn consistent profits (yes thats the reality). Also for many types of short term trading you have to be at the computer all the time. This is less the case if you swing trade or position trade for longer term (than day trader) but still it's not passive income. I have been trading since 2002. I love my job as a full time trader but it took me 2 years to become profitable and even then I was under capitalized. Like that other person said, even if you get a 100% return, which is significant and not easy especially for a new trader, on $5000 account, it's only a $5000 profit and after taxes even less. Yet people think you can start with even less. I am also not sure why people don't get this simple concept. You need money to make money. In forex they will let you start with basically nothing. I think you can start with $25 at some of these bucket shop brokers. The truth is you need $25000 - $50,000 to have a shot. This is so you can utilize a trading system with proper money management and not trade on much leverage since the Forex market is the worst for this. These brokers give you 500 or even 1000:1 leverage. That means you put up $1 in margin and control $1000 or you put up $1000 and control $100000 of a currency. When trading on this much leverage one trade will wipe out your whole account. This is why you need a lot more money so your don't need to be using borrowed money (margin) and can therefore handle the inevitable loses and draw downs that are essential to becoming a profitable trader. I trade forex occasionally but I prefer stocks, futures, and options.

i'm thinking about diving into forex. what does everyone think?


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Sep 13, 2016
It's Fastlane if
1) You have a big account
2) Youre taking bigger risks (ultimately leading you to blow your account)
3) You have really good setups (High Risk:Reward)
4) Youre selling education
5) You work at a prop firm (technically not Fastlane)

It's probably better if you use forex for supplemental income.

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Sep 3, 2015
As a guy who's committed (or super foolish) to making trading/investing as a fast track source. Here's my two cents on this topic:

Assuming you have little money <$10,000.
  • Go work for a prop firm - they train you and want you to succeed. You get to surround yourself with people doing what you want to do, make a living off of the markets. Treat it like immersive learning.
    • Before you do this, you'll have a much better time at the firm, if you do some study on your own and make some type of profitable system. If you hit the ground running and win consistently in most prop firms, you'll make decent money in 2 years ($100k+/year). Of course, this is like the best case scenario. It could take you like 5 years to get good or just go broke some where in between,
  • Sell signals - some companies allow you to sell your profitable trading system as signals for an account of $1000, minimum. A word of advice, if you plan on going to the hedge fund route, DO NOT sell your main strategy as a signal. Instead sell your other profitable yet inferior system. The main reason for this is two fold. 1) It's really easy for someone to take your system. There's no trade marking in this line of work. 2) If too many people actually use your system, it will break down. The market does have a carrying capacity for you to extract profit.
Random things of note:
  • If you have $100,000k and a profitable system, then consider automating it. For example, you have a system that makes 40% ROI/year, then that's $40k on your first year. All passive money that can compound, and allows you to pursue other things for income.
  • If you make the connections and a track record, then just start a hedge fund. Just keep in mind that most institutional investors want at least a year's worth history of REAL money trading. Also don't show them some super huge return like 100%, they are just going to assume you did it with a <$100k account and not even give you the time of day.
  • Trading is a super stressful task, if you never dealt in probabilities before. Good news is you can learn to train yourself how to handle it, having good risk management helps. I had a poker background, and it kind of helped. For example, in trading, you can do everything right and still lose the trade. It's just the way the game is. Unlike poker, the game sometimes changes, and you gotta change your system in response.


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Oct 30, 2015
Edmonton, Canada
I've actually been researching it again lately, and plan on getting started demo trading soon. With my tech background, I might stumble upon some opportunities in this space too! As others said, passing the CENTS test basically comes down to capitalization. You need enough that safe trading gives you enough to cover expenses plus net profits to compound.

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