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INTRO Wild Dreams, Desperation, FTE, And (Hopefully)... Fastlane?

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Jan 4, 2019
Hello friends. I'm glad to be a part of this forum where I can learn and discuss with real entrepreneurs. Outside it's hard to find people who can give you "real" entrepreneurial wisdom because most people aren't even into entrepreneurship.

Anyway, so you can know me too. I'm a 23-year old college student from the Philippines. I'm currently building a blog I just bought a few days ago (just the domain name, not an entire blog).

Nothing is really going on so far in my life for the past 23 years of my life, ehm, other than lazying around and imagining I'm doing great when I'm doing nothing. LOL.

Entrepreneurship is not new to me. Since High School I want to become an entrepreneur. However the dream didn't last long after thinking that starting a business is hard and needs a lot of money - which I don't have any. At the time I never knew about "online business".

Afterwards I'm really heading towards the academia. I want to be a college professor now. But at some point, and at the time I'm around 20, I'm became desperate for not earning my own money. I just want to earn my own money and be free.

I had the crazy idea of dropping out of college to trade stocks (the first online venture I come to know. Then I subsequently came to know other types of online ventures: blogging, freelancing, dropshipping, etc.) I thought I will make it in stocks in a few weeks or months - crazy, I know.

When things didn't went my way, the desperation become worse. I tried other things hoping for a quick buck (not quick rich... although I fantasize at the thought). I tried freelancing, blogging (I started a few blogs before what I have today) and even dabbled on survey questions.

Soon, my parents found out that I dropped out. They're the ones providing for me. Of course, they didn't liked what I did. It was one of the lowest point of my life, so low my dream and motivation of being an entrepreneur almost died out. I have to go to back to college because I have no fall back plan. I have to follow their terms, or else. But what can I do? This is year 2017 by the way.

2018 things seem to go... not really well. Not bad, but not good. I'm literally living a very dead average life. I am so soulless I don't even know why I'm doing what I'm doing.

The last months of 2018 I'm still in desperation. But the good news is, I bought a copy of The Millionaire Fastlane which turned my perspective upside down.

My parents visited us again (they're working abroad by the way, and visit us here once a month). Thankfully they didn't talked about the drop out issue. But my heart kept growing dimmed as I was like in full servitude in my parents' rules. It's not that I'm against my parents, please let that be clear. It's that I can foreshadow my future if I let this happen.

If I let this happen I will be chained in servitude. At the same time, I do not really know what the heck I'll be doing. I don't know how will I get out of the hole I dig myself. My very advantage is that my parents are just here once in a month per year. The rest I have "FREEDOM". Pseudo-freedom, but that's way better.

After they left, and after having a few savings (of course, from them), I immediately bought a copy of UNSCRIPTED - another book that turned my perspective upside down. I can relate to every page, and for the 7 days of reading it my mind is on nothing but grabbing the book to continue reading it. That month was December last year.

I'm still in desperation... until I finally had my FTE. I just know I can't take this anymore. I know that if I didn't do anything, nothing will happen to me rather than live this dead life I have.

January 2019, I bought my new blog. Unlike before where I bought a blog out of desperation and for quick buck, I knew this time how to make it work. I know it will take time, but it doesn't matter anymore. Time will keep going whether we like it or not. If I didn't do anything, time took its act and I have nothing to show. It's a game of patience.

To finally end my quite long introduction, I will share the steps I will take this year to free myself from the bondage of servitude and mediocrity:

  1. I will focus on building my blog by creating posts after posts after posts. For this entire year, it's all about building the blog.
  2. I'm thinking of getting a part-time freelance gig so I can provide for myself. Since I'll most likely earn them in US Dollars, it should be fine since US Dollars are big when converted to Philippine Peso. I'm not thinking of full-time income from this gig since I'm focused on the blog, but if my earnings can sustain my monthly expenses, that'll be great.
  3. I'll continue my college education as I rely on my parents' allowance. Normally, I'll still have a year here. If my blog business happen to take off soon (though I don't expect it), I'll drop out and focus on building the blog.
Thank you for taking the time to read! :)



PS. - I'm looking forward to continue this story... this time as a success story so I can also share my own wisdom, the one I'll get from my experiences. I want to teach and help people about entrepreneurship especially to help people from countries like mine.

What will it be though? We'll find out!

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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Awesome intro, well aboard my friend. Glad the books have helped crystallized some things.


Bronze Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Jan 4, 2019
Awesome intro, well aboard my friend. Glad the books have helped crystallized some things.

Thank you MJ! And yes. I wish I read your books sooner. I'd probably save much time and started this process earlier. I would have corrected my fallacious thinking by then, had I read your books earlier.

They're very good reads, and more people should read your books!


Read Millionaire Fastlane
Aug 30, 2018
Northeast USA
Another welcome to you all the way from the USA. I always think its such a great thing when people know from such a young age what direction they want to go. You will never have more time than you do now..congrats on reading the books and making the decision to move toward what you want.

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