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Where to start??? Spin...Pick a direction and go!

Discussion in 'The Unscripted Entrepreneurial Mind' started by Dylan Hobrecht, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. Dylan Hobrecht

    Dylan Hobrecht Contributor Read Millionaire Fastlane I've Read UNSCRIPTED FASTLANE INSIDER

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    Aug 26, 2017
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    I'm just going to go off for a little bit here.

    Share some knowledge...

    I guess what got me here is starting to think for myself. The way the system has programmed us. Ugh...Probably in ways even I'm not aware of.

    I'm soo far from my goal but there is hope

    I've been slowly unwiring. Slowly but surely starting my way on my journey. Emotional, spiritual, and physical. And sometimes I'm totally clueless.

    But my strong thing would probably be faith. I'm not some heavy guy in god like my fellow Texans. But I can still tie the spiritual knot per say. Which is why

    I have to get it out there. And say everything on my mind

    I'm going to get a little unplugged here. I have failed in my last post because of no direction. But with the great sages. And with my desire. I can stand on the shoulders of giants... Move mountains

    My sourroundings have such a profound effect on me. Everything from what I read to who I'm with is soo very unnerving sometimes.

    I have to get the right know how. If I'm going to be anywhere near what I want to be I need to double down, double down...on my faith

    Double down on the truth

    And eventually leave my home town

    If it's not helping me grow then I shouldn't be here.

    Some may say it's arrogant but I'd rather live a life of uncertainty. It's just the way. Maybe I should plan and not be foolish

    Hopefully I'll land back on my skills. Skills I've had been developing. We always fall back on our skills. All these thoughts are not us. We are what we do.

    If you repeatedly do bad things. That's just what you are. You are one heap of mess

    And you'd be one hell of a game changer to find something to change that. Or level up lol. I heard a cool podcast about this guy seeing his skills as in a game kind of light. Where he needs to level up each of them

    But after reading a thread. I'm not all that into being a consumer anymore. I can already feel the grasping if repulseness in my body even thinking of stopping lol

    If you can, you must- Uncle GC

    Anyway, I'm very greatful for finding something that would pull me out. I need to do some things to better myself but that is to come.

    Just wait!!!

    The zen concepts are something to behold. They are helping me soo much. Being in the now and working from inspiration.

    Just wait!!!

    If you truly believe you will achieve what you dreamed of. Where others stop I just keep going.

    All in all I went with Reading...and fitness. But that opened up a whole new world to me. Now I have begun to just focus on my shit.

    Just wait!!! And focus on the now

    In this moment. This time. This is your now. Take advantage of it. Your life!

    Next is learning copy

    I hope you can find your way too!

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