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What ideas have you seen in the Gaming (Video, Board, etc) niche?

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Oct 16, 2018
I found these stats on a random tech site, and even if they aren't exact I know this definitely shows the trend:
  • The global gaming market is set to reach $256.97 billion by 2025.
  • More than 2.5 billion people worldwide play games.
  • Players spent $4.5 billion on immersive games until 2020.
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment’s estimated value is $13.4 billion.
  • eSports enjoy an audience of around 456 million people.
  • High-fidelity mobile games are on the rise.

I feel like there has to be buckets of ideas for this industry, but every single one I come up with is directly against CENTS. Just a few common ones:

1) Programming your own game
- It has gotten to the point that games now take entire teams and years of work to create. Almost to the same level as movie.
- There are of course success stories (e.g. Stardew Valley was programmed by 1 guy) but that is almost non-exsistant.
- You have to publish your game on a platform, and if they don't agree with you it can be pulled off. Same way that you can no longer download Fortnite on IOS due to Apple vs Epic Games over who gets a cut of their digital "add on" sales

2) Streaming
- This seems to be the main source of income these days, but it directly violets CENTS. You can scale the number of viewers and the number of donations, but Time = Money. You cannot back away from the camera or you will no longer have viewers. Many people are streaming more hours than they would with normal 8-5.
- You are tied into a video streaming service that can terminate you at any time. Twitch vs Youtube are the two large ones right now. One of the largest stars on Twitch was a character named Dr. Disrespect. It is still rumored what happened, but Twitch banned him one day with no reason or explanation. They simply told him he violated their terms. More info has come out that it appears he was trying to renegotiate his contract and may have threated to move to a different platform, but it's still tied up in lawsuits because it cost him tens of millions of dollars.

3) Youtube Videos
- Youtube is massive, but again you are chasing their algorithms and can be banned at the drop of a hat.
- A lot of the same issues with streaming, but now you need to either hire or become a video editor on top of it.
- Time = Money. If you stop posting videos, you stop making money

There has to be another aspect. Is it creating a third video streaming platform? Microsoft and Facebook both tried and they fell completely flat. Twitch is backed by Amazon and Youtube is backed by Google. Almost seems impossible to go against those giants.

More and more people are watching other people play video games. I know there is an argument on why that is stupid, but I've always heard the counter point that we sit around and watch people play sports so how it is different?

I am fascinated by the entertainment industry and really would like to get involved. My 5th grader tells me all the time that everyone at her school either talks about Minecraft or Fortnite. When I was growing up we had an original Nintendo, but it wasn't like this. These games have figured out exactly how to get all the right dopamine hits and get everyone addicted to their games.

And it's not just video games. Obviously mobile games are huge, but board games are having quite a push as well. They can't achieve the level of ease in terms of booting up a video game and seeing flashing lights, but more and more party games and complicated board games are releasing each year.

I guess this is just more of a dump to see if anyone on here has any type of business that targets the gaming industry, or if that's just too clogged at this point.
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Feb 8, 2019
Cryptocurrency's "play to earn" business model.


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Jul 20, 2012
I found these stats on a random tech site..
- It has gotten to the point that games now take entire teams and years of work to create. Almost to the same level as movie.
- You have to publish your game on a platform, and if they don't agree with you it can be pulled off.
None of those numbers matter. A game is just like any other product. If you can provide enough value to an audience that they're willing to give you enough money to build and grow your company, then you win. You don't need a platform's consent to do that (PC and the web are still open platforms, despite big tech's best efforts.), and you don't need hundreds of people working for multiple years (You can make a game in days/weeks, or you can spend thousands of man-years. Both have been done successfully and unsuccessfully.). You just need to be able to build an audience that sufficiently values what you're producing. That obviously doesn't mean it's easy, just possible.

Tom H.

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Dec 13, 2019
Jaco, Costa Rica
There are also apps that compliment games, e.g. GifYourGame, item trading platforms, training apps like aim trainers, replay analysis, and of course Discord.

Coaching is also a thing. You probably can't over take Twitch, but you could have a run at a coaching platform like GamerReady.

There is also hardware: high-end controllers, headsets, gaming chairs, gaming phones, etc.

And maybe discovery is not a solved problem? If you're into games then I guess you find new games on Reddit, etc. But what if I'm just a casual gamer, are there better alternatives to the iOS, Android and Steam suggestions?

Also discovery of streamers. Many streamers are just hoping to get discovered on Twitch, could you give them a better way to build their audiences?


Gaming is entertainment and competition... those will never perfectly fit CENTS. You could be Terry Cavanaugh or Jonathan Blow and design a perfect game, but end up a starving artist. You could be every bit as entertaining as PewDiePie, but just never connect with the right audience.

The competitive side is more fair... If you're the next Magnus Carlsen, then just sign up for tournaments and you will make it... But it's no different from other sports, just more fair and accessible than something like the NBA.


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Aug 25, 2020
Check out the company SYNTY Studios. They create game assets and sell them to developers.

They’re wildly popular.

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