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INTRO Welcome to Ziggy's life

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New Contributor
Jun 7, 2017
Southington ct
Hello all,

(past) I am a 30-year-old male from CT and I have been trying to become something better and be free from a corporate job just as everyone else right? I started the idea of being an entrepreneur about 4 years ago. I must admit that I would not know about any of this or still be stuck in my "go to work and do nothing" attitude if it was not for Dave Ramsey which introduced me to being debt free (which I am other than a small house we own). he also introduced me to Dan Miller which wrote the book "48 days to the work you love" which brought me this super far into this journey. from that book, I learned that there is ALOT more to life than my stupid old job. which lead me to listen to podcasts and start coming up with ideas to start my own business. I had a lot of different ideas here and there but nothing set in stone so they blew by but now I believe it is time to crack down and start this adventure! thanks to the Millionaire Fastlane and unscripted that thought me how and what I should be looking for and what to do aka give people value and not just go after the money.

(now) I still work a full-time job at an aerospace company (boho) but it is just a job and I am here slaving away to the man. I am also working closely with my brother (that is 2 years older than me) which owns a machine shop that he and his partner started from the ground up a few years ago. This is helping me see how everything is running and what I should be looking for as well. I helped him create a logo (thanks to designcrowd, added picture) and now we are working on a brochure for the shop. After this is done I was going to be his sales rep which will be good for me to learn how to do it and for him to get more work. They are projected to hit 1.2 million in revenue so there is a lot there. I am also in school (boho) to get my degree in business management which the classes I am taking are useless but other than that I just want that piece of paper.

(my why's) As I stated before I did read both books and I know what I should be putting in here but anyhow here are my why's just listed out. 1; help my mom pay off her house and make sure she doesn't have to work another day in her life as payment for bringing me and my family over from Poland when we were younger. 2; give people value and give something to people that they like and something that will bring them back to get more of it! 3; be free for corporate life. 4; I will be needing some one to drive me around later in life as I believe my vision will be getting worse ( I have nystagmus) and for now I am all good but the doctors are telling me that my vision could eventually go to hell. 5: leave a legacy 6: Someone once told me that there will always be someone in charge! why not you? and that statement makes me want it that much more. there are more .....

few of my ideas I have now
start a pesticide business in the removal of ticks and mosquitoes which is repeat business every 3 weeks but I live in CT and we only have summer for 6 months (that I would be able to spray)

start a Doggy daycare. this is the newest idea and I still have to run all the numbers and things I would need to keep this business up float. my local doggy daycare hosts about 15-25 dogs a day (open 24 hours a day) at a going price of 30$ a day which to me sounds like good profit but we will see what happens with some number crunching. if you or anyone knows some one that has a doggy day care that I can get in contact with to get more information please share and I thank you in advance.

Anyhow that is enough about me and what is going on in the life of Ziggy, any insight or criticism is welcomed as criticism is a tool for me to become better and welcome to my life.

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Read Millionaire Fastlane
Speedway Pass
Jun 2, 2019
Kansas City
Hey Ziggy! Nice to see you've been by. How's things

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