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Web development studio Administration. Help!

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Bronze Contributor
Oct 5, 2007
Mendoza, Argentina
First of all, if this thread is not in the right forum, excuse me and move to where it should be.

As I explained in the introductions forum, Im about to establish a Web Development / Architectural Visualization Studio with a partner.

He is an architect devoted to 3d visualization and will manage that dep. of the studio, I will handle the web development area.

I could really use some advice here about how to manage the employees. Let me explain:

I have been a freelance developer for some time now and my client list has expanded to a point were I can no longer manage it. I outsourced part of the work with a -very good- programmer from another city in my country, but it was really difficult to keep a schedule at distance, so I partenered with the architect to establish the studio an divide the expenses.

The problem (or doubt) I have is how I should contract the employees. Im thinking about start with only one web designer and one programmer BUT I don't have resources to keep a payroll, so I have a few ideas:

-Propose to another freelancers to work with/for me where we all get clients, I handle all the PR (Im not the best, but pretty good at it) and cash more % since Im supporting the office and everything. The one who gets the job gets as well more % than usual. There would be no employer/employee contract so there would be no wage.

Pros: I dont have to keep a payroll.
Cons: I dont really have much control over the workers and they could easily be unresponsible hurting my brand.

-Propose a minimum wage and a % of every work comes to the company. If one of them brings a client, they get a comission of that particular work.

Pros: I have more control over the employees, and I could get a bigger part of the money of each project since its clear that they work me.
Cons: I have to keep a payroll, if my clients dissapear or go elsewhere I would need to put my employee salary in the company just to keep it running.

So...the office will be completed in about 2 weeks from now. So I dont have to much time to think since my clients are already pushing to see their projects finished.

Anyone here who could give me a hand? I really need one now...

Thanks in advance!!

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