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Wealth or Debt Reduction: What Is More Marketable?

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Sep 3, 2007
Worldwide, depending on the month.
This question arose from someones comment on how I listen to Dave Ramsey for his business model. He took step one of financial planning and built an empire on it.

Dave Ramsey, Orman, Bach, etc, etc. all teach the same basics. Debt Free, Emergency Savings, Invest 15%, pay off the mortgage.

As a business model, who is more marketable to?

Fastlane or Slowlane Players?

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Jul 27, 2007
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for "Get rich now" strategies, seminars, infomercials and 'mentoring' work the best.

for "Debt Free" programs, books, radio shows, tv shows work better.

Why? because mainstreet media targets the average consumer. The "I Want To Be Rich Now" audience goes looking for the way to make it happen. The "Get Me Out Of Debt" guy is likely more passive and waits for the message to come to him.

Very interesting topic, Lance.

PS: Forgot to add the main point in my post.... BOTH are highly marketable. Everybody wants to look better, have more money and feel successful. Target those basic needs and you will have a great audience.
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Jul 25, 2007
As Andviv says, they are two separate markets.

The Debt Free gang are mass market.
They will expect lower cost help (books, DVD's etc) but they are a large market and will likely be return buyers (because some of the tips will be so "easy" that they'll actually be implemented so the customer will see results).

The Get Rich Now gang are premium market.
They'll only likely be sold to once so you'll want to market higher priced products like seminars and mentoring.
As most people are lazy, many of these folk won't implement the more complicated, "difficult" solution. They won't see any results. They won't re-order (unless you sell them on the next "fad").

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