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Visiting Hong Kong through Slow Lane Job - Fast Lane Opportunity?

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Apr 2, 2018
Hi All,

Next month I am travelling first to HK and then Japan for work; this is through my Slow Lane job (some perks obviously around travel and nice hotels!). I have a question: I will have some time and I want to maximise it whilst I'm out there.

In Tokyo my intention is to see what ideas Japan has adopted as historically they tend to be early adopters of e.g. tech which is then adopted by others around the world. The idea is to look at connecting the dots/ideas that I can then implement in the UK/US markets.

In HK I intend to look at manufacturing facilities and how to make that work for one of my ideas. I have identified one manufacturer and have lined up a meeting (my work is flexible in that as long as I get the job done for my employer, I have enough time to do my own thing whilst I'm there).

What would you guys do if you were in HK/Japan with a Fast Lane mindset/maximise your time there??

Looking forward to the answers :)


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Apr 12, 2019
Hamburg, Germany
Hey Dubidu, thats a great opportunity to have :)

I would deffinetly go to those meetings you speak of. Regarding getting ideas and bringing it back to UK/US market, that can also be interesting, I deffinetly always have a lot of ideas when I come back from travels.

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