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Vision Mapping

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Aug 26, 2007
This information is too good not to share. I read the vision board thread and this concept is similar yet different. It could go in the what tools do you use thread, the book recommendation thread, or the thread about taking concepts from the Bible. And since these threads are all in different specific categories, I thought I give it it's own thread in general discussion. Oy. Someone can move it if it makes more sense to them in either book recommendations, or planning and goals.

I recently started reading a book I mentioned in another thread called The Richest Man Who Ever Lived by Steven K. Scott. Within the first 40 pages of the book he talks about Diligence and one of the steps in developing diligence is what he calls Vision Mapping. Diligence, as referenced by Solomon in the Proverbs, has a deeper meaning than what we would generally perceive today. It's not just being persistent and working hard.

I'm going to highlight only one of the first 40 pages, which is the Vision Mapping process. The purpose of a Vision Map is to create a clear and precise vision for each of your dreams, and a detailed road map and time table for achieving those dreams.

Once you've determined what areas you want to focus on, personal, business, or more specific like marriage, children, health etc., use the five step process to achieve your vision.

1.Start with your most important dream in any area and write a clear and precise description of that dream. (I think this can also be represented visually on a vision board.)

2.Create a goals page for the dream, making a list of specific intermediate goals that need to be reached to fulfill the dream.

3.Create a page for each goal, listing the steps needed to achieve the goal.

4.For any complex step, create a page for steps to tasks, listing specific tasks needed to complete that step.

5.Assign dates to each task and step.

Once you've done that you can work on each goal one task or step at a time until your dream has been realized.

If you've found this helpful, I'd recommendation getting the book. There is a lot more there than this, remember this is one step in becoming diligent.

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Jan 27, 2016
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i will give it a try. but we must have extraordinary discipline to follow through all theses tasks etc.

mots of us don't ever do any new year resolution.

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