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Tony Damico

New Contributor
Apr 9, 2019
Hey MJ and fastlane forum members,

My name is Tony Damico and I'm 59 yrs. young. I have a lovely wife who nannies children and teenage daughter, who I would like to escape the script along with me. I have recently experienced what, MJ calls an, FTE moment in my life. This has prompted me to explore finally starting and succeeding at an online business.

You see, I wanted to try and start my own business but I let things get in the way. I know this now, that my situation has gone from trying to start a business, when I was younger, to now doing it. Years ago my family told me that i had to go to college, which i did, kicking and screaming. I got an Associate degree in General Studies. Yeah I know nothing to be proud or happy about. Needless to say it didn't help me much in the search for a job either.

Then I tried my hand at what back then was all the rage, computer programming. This is when programming was done on keypunch cards. Control Data Institute was the school. It had what they advertised as a 90% job placement rate. I received an 85 in the course. Not great but not to shabby either. I guess I wasn't in that 90% graduate placement mold. I couldn't find a job with this certificate either.

My dad said, why don't you take the civil service test and have that to fall back on. I said, no way I want to work for myself. He must have had a glimpse into my future that I didn't know about, because I became a custodial worker at my local school district 30 something years later. I tried fixing up a couple of houses and renting them out. Unfortunately I had partners on both of these attempts. One was good, for awhile. I owned it for a couple of years making a decent passive income until, my partner got divorced and wanted to move out of state. I couldn't afford to buy him out so we sold for a small profit for each of us. The other ended ugly in a foreclosure. I lost 20 grand and a friend in that deal.

A small plumbing business, with my what was to be future brother-in-law, was next. He had the plumbing knowledge and I had some money from that house I sold and a plumber's assistant background. We became partners, with some reservations. Let's just say that I ended up marrying into the family and he ended up divorcing out of the family and the business 5 years later.

Fast forward and stock and options trading came next. I did ok for a few years until, yep the financial meltdown of 2008. Then some jobs as a landscaper, mason helper, aborted seller on ebay and I decided it was time to breakdown and work for a large company. It wasn't my first choice but Costco is where I worked from 2013 to a couple of days ago. I stocked aisles and stuffed carts and worked my butt off only to watch a bunch of much younger less experienced workers get promoted to supervisors and what not. I needed to go to full time so I took a job in maintenance and hated it.

3 years ago I started substituting as a custodian in the local school district where I was finally hired full time, a year and a half ago. I was working 25 hrs/week at Costco; cleaning and putting up with shit and 40 hrs/ week at the school. Finally after what I'll call a difference of opinion on how I was being treated and one explosive event with the GM of the store and we came to an agreement my Costco career should come to an end. So I resigned.

Now, I know none of this shit can be construed as lucky, but I'm going to turn these unfortunate events into something positive. I'm working out again with Tony Horton doing power 90 on my way back to P90X. I started listening to the Invest Like A Boss podcast as I was sweeping and cleaning rooms at night at the school. I listened to 57 of these podcasts before I got introduced to MJ DeMarco. Now I'm not going to proclaim you as my life altering guru MJ, cause I know you dislike gurus, but I will say this; everything you proclaim about this bullshit scripted life is what I agree with and unfortunately live. I'm going to start to look at myself in a different way as an entrepreneur and not shit cleaner and taker.

I want a better life for my family so I'm signing up for UDEMY to try to devise ways of finding what the market mind needs so I can start selling it, or serving it. I'm going to start to look at every product I use or see as a business and try to understand how it came to market, what can make it better. I'm going to get together with my 16 year old and figure out hashtags and social media. I'm going to finally pursue that website building course.

Yeah, I'm using this as the match to light the fire. I know I'm starting late, but I plan on bringing that 16 year old along for the ride and possibly handing her the baton to keep it going, if I can't. You might not hear from me for a while. It's not going to be because of lost interest but because of a bigger learning curve than most. I'll be in touch.

Tony D

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MJ DeMarco

Staff member
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Summit Attendee
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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
but I will say this; everything you proclaim about this bullshit scripted life is what I agree with and unfortunately live.
My name is Tony Damico and I'm 59 yrs. young.

And you have 59 years of wisdom that prove it, I wrote the book for you and for your daughter.

Welcome aboard Tony, enjoy the ride.

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