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Underground Copywriting: Pro Level Copy Packages At Fiverr Prices - Web, Emails, Sales Pages, Articles, Advertorials and More!


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Apr 28, 2017
Eastern Europe

If you’re a smart business owner, you know how important copywriting is to test your new ideas and promotions.

Searching for the right copywriter usually leads you to two different choices.

First, you may be tempted to go for the "PRO" copywriter, who charges you $200+/hr and then spends a month researching before he finally gets down to writing.

Sure, the writing is great, it's personalized to you, but you've paid thousands for it, and very often your promotion still doesn't work.


Because what the pro doesn’t tell you is that the greatest copywriting in the world only makes a big difference if you already have a solid business foundation… If you already have the right product, target market, and strategy to start with. Then good copywriting is just like the spark that lights up the big fire!

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could have good copy, and test your promotion at a fraction of the cost to check if your assumptions are sound?

Well, let's take a look at the second option you have.

You could head over to a platform where freelance copywriters post their gigs. You scan for a good gig that seems like it will deliver, and you’re happy that it’s so cheap, and so fast to boot! So you order it.

And then the copy gets delivered to you. It reads like some stock copy that someone stitched together in a hurry, with no regard for your brand and messaging. You test it and just like you expect it fails.

You see, with this second choice, you just traded quality and personalization for speed and low cost, and you STILL don’t know if your assumptions work because your copywriting was simply so terrible. It didn’t create a spark to check if the big fire lights up…

And that’s where Underground Copywriting comes in. We’ve created a third choice for you, where you don’t have to trade speed and low cost for quality and personalization anymore. You can have good enough copy, at affordable prices, delivered to you within hours and get 90% of the effect the best copy would give you, without paying thousands.

It's a TANDA Digital service for smart entrepreneurs who want to test promotions cheaply and get the most bang for their bucks. We use a team of vetted copywriters along with our own proprietary sales formulas to deliver hard-hitting copy that gets results for you quickly.

It’s for when you know that good enough beats best!

And it works like magic… you select the right package for you, make your payment, provide your project brief based on our guiding questions, and then we email you with the finished copy.

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