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INTRO uk based, new to the forum and the fastlane ! would love some advice


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hi guys

I'm new to the forum & new to the fastlane, I'm looking forward to everything ill be able to learn from the site & both of MJ's books, of which I've finished the millionaire fastlane and just started unscripted.

Id love some advice, I'm 23, dropped out of college a few years ago so don't necessarily have what most people would call the standard qualifications, I've spent the last 2/3 years moving from sh*t job to sh*t job(I've worked at a lot of places), sometimes I was fired, sometimes id just had enough of grafting my arse off for someone who couldn't care less about my ambitions so I walked out, all with terrible pay and most the time terrible hours.
I've always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur from a young age, I used to try to sell all sorts as a youngster, but I thought I would try to please my parents etc. etc.
That obviously didn't happen, now I find myself at a 9 to 5 job I hate, which has 0 health and safety, its starting to have a noticeable affect on my health, its ran by a pair of idiots & was only ever there so I could save up some money
its now been probably 8/9 months and ive saved what I think is a good amount considering my wage.
do I quit my job now and put all my attention and focus into one of the many ideas I have, which I know my mum and dad wont approve of & it will probably put a strain on my relationship seen as though my gf still has a job or keep the job and try to work round it.
I remember mj talking about intelligent risk & I cant decide if this would be one

look forward to hearing from you guys
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Hi and welcome.

I am from the UK too - a few on here actually. Everyone is super nice and helpful.

Qualifications and history mean shit - its all about motivation and action.
Will look forward to seeing your story unfold.

Here was the start of mine: Link

Good luck! Feel free to ask for anything.


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Get a job so you can pay bills while you're working on your business. Don't expect people to support you & pay for your upkeep while you noodle away on something. Support yourself as you build your business.

Then, when the business generates enough revenue to support itself AND you, quit your job.

A sh*t job actually provides GREAT motivation to work on your side hustle.

Review your ideas, rank them on:
  • the CENTS criteria
  • probability for success
  • estimated hours & cost required to validate
Then choose an idea & tell us your next actions.