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Apr 5, 2019
Over the last year I have to admit, I've been a money chaser.
I've gone from idea, to idea never really getting anything off the ground. Because I change my mind so frequently I never see any success.
It comes down simply to a failure to commit, I'll see an idea and I'll want to do it because I think it'd make more money than whatever I'm currently doing.

This is a bad mindset to have, and mentally I realize I've been rationalizing it.

"I'll make an gaming app, those are hot right now!"
"Making a gaming app is hard and there's no guarantee it'll make money, I'll do copy-writing! That's the ticket!"
"Why make money advertising someone else's product, I'll just make my own!"
"Oh man, I saw a great thread by GrayCode on learning to code, I'll switch over to that!"
"Hm, maybe I could try starting an eCommerce business, I wonder what niche I should do?"
"I could see about starting a leadgen business, that'd be cool!"

These are all things I jumped on and then switched away from in the last year. And because I jumped around so frequently I never made any real progress in any of them, only one actually made me a little money and unsurprisingly it was the one I spent the longest working on.

So now that I've spent a year learning for myself what I had already read before in the Millionaire Fastlane, I took a step back and worked on a basic roadmap of where I actually want to go.

From here on I'm gonna focus on building my sales and advertising skills. My main focuses right now are:
  • Learning Copy-writing and doing freelance work.
  • Setting up a house hack to live rent free.
  • Learning everything I can about sales and advertising.
  • Building a good work ethic, and getting more organized.

I'll be posting weekly updates, and then summarizing everything at the end of each month.

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