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OFF-TOPIC Tsitsipas, earns $2,656,000 in prize money

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Sep 4, 2018

I want to jump off my balcony, gladly it's only 2.5metres high..

Tomorrow I have an interview for a J.O.B. that will need me 10 hours there and I'm thinking WTF?

What have I (or haven't I) done to deserve this?

I know it sounds like a rant..but..anyway..I can't stop thinking about it. He's 21 and has all his life in front of him..

I have an ecommerce store that sucked and another one I have started running with my "mentor". All these years Iwent to school, studied, was always the "good" kid, went to Uni, 2 MScs, jobs, listened to parents, to elderly bla just makes me wanna cry like a baby when I think of this..

It's like driving a family car with a wife yelling at you and get overtaken by a Ferrari limo with chicks inside at the backseat giving "Dan" the BJ like it's the end of days..

I can imagine this guy worked hard.

What have you been working hard on "BILKAR1985"?

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Nov 29, 2016
Nadal won his first Grand Slam at 18. That was a million-dollar check and then some, plus sponsors.

Thing is.. these guys have been doing this since they were four-year-olds. With a family supporting them. Nadal was born into a sports family, with an uncle 100% focusing on training him every day, traveling around Europe with him, Tsitstipas too.

It's more of a family success than anything imo. Because if you don't start at 4-5-6 years old with a family supporting you (tennis is expensive), you're never gonna make it.

It's super rare to be a top 10 player. But you'd think you can make top 100 and be well off... wrong. Guys outside the top positions are barely surviving. You can be top 150 in tennis and basically be broke.

You can be a top 150 business and be a billionaire.

Remember you only have to be right once in business to make millions. At any age, 18, 30, 50, 70. It doesn't matter.


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Nov 30, 2018
Someone on this forum feels heartbroken, desperate, incredibly poor, lonely, and dismayed when they read this list:

I have an ecommerce store that sucked and another one I have started running with my "mentor". All these years Iwent to school, studied, was always the "good" kid, went to Uni, 2 MScs, jobs, listened to parents, to elderly
Comparison is the thief of joy.

I used to beat myself up every day for what I hadn’t accomplished in this life.. then I would wake up and realize I had just wasted another day wallowing in self-pity like a pig in shit.

Set YOUR goal. Move toward it.
You’re not a pig.


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Oct 2, 2019
He is like most young talented sports athletes that have been in a sport since they were in diapers. Don't dwell on your failures as much and concentrate on your successes. I went from an average kid growing up in the country to a veteran with a cum laude bachelor's degree while working full-time. I am currently working on my master's degree (don't know how much it will benefit me once I am done) and trying to get registered in MRI still working full-time. I have been pretty much on my own since I was 17 with a lot of speed bumps along the way. I could quit and give up and compare myself to others that are rich, but I would rather use those people as motivation to become super successful one day.

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