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Trump video clip on housing and the economy


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Aug 16, 2007
Kansas, for now


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Jul 27, 2007
Washington DC
I found some interesting points here.

this is a great time. this is when the real estate fortunes are made but you got to make the right deal and you got to pick the right locations.
I'm shock that he [Bernanke] hasn't reduced interest rates more ... he should drop it 100 points now (This was January 17)

Bernanke needs to get ahead of the curve
He needs to lead the market. He follows the market.
Every time they lower the interest rates, the cartel rises oil prices
The president should call and tell them "get the oil prices down" but nobody is calling
Q: The Kansas city and Texas Federal Reserves think this economy is booming, do you see areas that are booming?
A: New York City and Palm Beach FL

Look at the retailing. The economy is not doing good.
The only thing going up is oil. Housing is going down. Prices are going down. Other than oil, where is the inflation?

Q: Is it too early to buy REIT with Apartments or Office Buildings?
A: It is a great time to buy Vornado. I know these two smart guys

"We are building all over the world"

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