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REAL ESTATE Trump University Training

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New Contributor
Dec 31, 2007
Saw some interesting training items on Trump U's site. Are the audibooks titles like bubbleproof investing decent? What about his seminars? are they full of good info or just another upsell to more training like RD?:coco:


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Jul 27, 2007
Washington DC
I don't know about his audiobook material in particular. A co-worker went to a 'free' seminar where he got upsold into a $1,800 for a weekend... guess what happened there? a couple hundred dollars worth of information and more upselling, so he could get 'the real thing' for 'just' $5K.

--a couple hundred worth of info means he got information that he could have got for free had he invested a few hours of his time doing the research. Given your current level of knowledge probably you are already ahead in this aspect.


Nov 5, 2007
Greenville, NC
Although I've never attended a seminar, I feel most are available just to upsell. As andviv says, I think the same information can be gathered by investing some of your own time in reading, research, and experience.


New Contributor
Aug 30, 2007
Phoenix, Az
Most of the information presented in these seminars can be found in your local real estate investment club. I paid for one of these seminars, a lot of $$$, and later discovered I could have saved that money by attending the low cost ($100 - $500) workshops my local association puts on.


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Sep 15, 2007
Colorado Springs
You can buy the Trump real estate training books on amazon... I got a couple for Christmas writen on various subjects in REI, and they are Ok... Much more Dry than anything that Kiyosaki or some others would write, but OK info....

I'm kind of at the point where these books are all melting together, and there is really no new info in them for me anymore. Some of you may feel the same way.

- Hakrjak


Aug 8, 2007
My friend went to one of the free Trump seminars, said he has never seen so many con artists and gullible people in one room. I think this belongs right there next to "The Secret."


Bronze Contributor
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Apr 28, 2008
Goodyear, AZ
he has never seen so many con artists and gullible people in one room.

lol, that sounds like the "Learning Annex" seminar I went to a few months back.... while it was great to get some ideas towards what I should work on such as getting grants, looking into tax-lien sales, and the "positive attitude" activities of Tony Robbins, I couldn't help but look around and think "what a bunch of losers" :smilielol:

at the same time the upsellers giving the presentations including the rigged giveaways of iPhones and other stuff... i.e. the tax-lien sale presentation instead of having a raffle ticket the presenter asked "who has the oldest penny in the room?"... lol... if I go next yr I'll have to bring some of the old coins I got laying around and really throw a wrench into that...

thankfully it was free, it was on a weekend and I didn't really have anything else to do, and most importantly I did NOT buy anything!

With that in mind, I think i'll just ignore the ad I found today for the "free"(most likely an upselling scam) Trump U seminar coming up soon on foreclosures and take that time in picking my friend Luke's brain as he has 4 FC properties himself, but I haven't taken as much time lately to keep in touch :nonod:


New Contributor
Oct 2, 2007
Hershey, Pa.
I notice a lot of people saying they went to a FREE seminar. What did you expect? I don't mean to put anyone that commented here down but moving your merchandise is a business! they didn't force you to buy did they?
My point is, those peole have a business model. They are working that model.I can't blame them foe that.Plus if you went to a seminar that Donald Trump was at and you told me you got absolutely nothing out of it ; I would call you a FOOL. Sorry if that hurts but school is never out for the pro. I can always find something good at a business seminar even if it's only a contact.
As for the materials I have gotten much value from all the Trump merchandise. Sometimes he is talking to beginners but if that's not you then it's not their fault just move into the deeper stuff.
Just my 2 cents guys...

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