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OFF-TOPIC Traveling thread

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New Contributor
Sep 11, 2019
Let's talk about traveling. Do you like it? What are your favorite traveling destinations? And how do you plan your trips, do you do it on your own, or with help? I've never planned a trip myself, and when I checked everything I was shocked how high the prices are. Is it possible nowadays to ho somewhere, but not spend a lot of money?

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New Contributor
Nov 27, 2019
I love traveling! I've visited so many countries so I can say that I/m advanced traveler because I know how to get the best from a trip and not to spend a lot of money. The main trick is buying plane tickets(I travel only by plane) in advance. My favorite destination is Europe, becuase of architecture and people, and soon I'll visit Poland(Krakow) for the first time. I bought tickets a few weeks ago, and thanks to europe fly the price was reasonable. I always but tickets there, becuase comparing to other sites, prices there are always low, and it takes minutes to buy them. So, everything is possible, it's essential not to waste time and buy everything as fast as possible, and it's a great idea to subscribe to different travel channels to find hot offers for the low price.


New Contributor
Nov 7, 2019
I love traveling and can assure you that it's not so expensive. If you buy tickets and rent accommodation in advance, you won't spend a lot of money. Also, if you organize the trip yourself, then I recommend you to rent a car. You'll be able to get from the airport to any part of the city and then explore it comfortably and fast. When I was in Frankfurt and rented a car there in Frankfurt Airport car rental, I not only saved some money but also had a chance to visit another city and return it there.


Jul 4, 2019
I love traveling. I've visited 21 countries so far and plan to keep on going strong. I'm actually going to Vietnam tomorrow.

My favorite place I've visited was Ireland / Northern Ireland. I rented a car and drove around the whole country with my wife. One thing I would recommend wherever you go is waking up nice and early if you're going to see something that's popular. We went to some beautiful places early in the morning and were the only ones there. If you came back in a couple hours it would be mobbed with tour buses and game of thrones fans.

One of the more unique places I went this past fall is Kazakhstan. I went for a friends wedding, went hunting for the first time, and went to a super super ghetto and terrifying escape room. Definitely have some amazing memories from that trip.

I plan all my trips on my own, and I've found that to be a really fun part of the whole experience.
It's absolutely possible to travel and not spend too much money, especially if you go to cheaper destinations in South America or SE Asia.

I tend not to go too hardcore, so I rent hotels on the cheaper end (vs staying at super cheap hostels) and also spend decent money from time to time on really unique things (like staying in a castle in Ireland).

It's totally up to you how little or much you want to spend, but either way I definitely think it's worth spending money to see the world especially with friends or family.

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