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Hello all,
I think it's about time I start a progress thread of my own. Hopefully it will help somebody :)
I've been on the forum for roughly a month and I would like to preface all this by saying that this place is filled with great info, major value and is generally a haven of like-minded people. Thank you so much to everybody who provides time, insights, knowledge and more to the community. You guys are great motivation, great fun, and great inspiration.

Now onto the progress!
The aim of this thread will be to record and provide a base for my endeavors in business.
I posted on the "By the 2019 Summit I will" thread and here are the milestones I posted:
- Publish at least 3 books, of which at least 2 of fiction;
-create at least 100 products;
- Establish and expand the brand through the above books + products, constant content, podcast and/or video (with at least 10 "episodes" by next February), and 1 course for sale.
-Get at least 15 clients for my services
-Translate and publish one book

I had some more personal objectives that may come into play in a few months - if they were to become relevant (experience or money wise), I will adjust the thread accordingly.

So why all this?
-I want to become fully independent (ie not having to rely on external jobs for sustenance) + allow my partner to retire early;
-provide as much value as possible in fields I care about / I may help with
-set up a system (or "career") that will allow to scale that value and generate bigger impacts as time goes on.

Where I am right now:
-first non fiction book draft 1 complete. This week is cover making, next week is editing.
-website is up, needs a few adjustments and more content.
-I've created 10 products (these are all digital <- extremely scalable and "passive" up to a point). This is on top of others I already had. I've had a few sales, but nothing major.
-One client done
-brainstorming for the course has already begun, plus timelines for book releases, etc already drafted.

Next steps to be done:
-more products + new shop (built on existing marketplace. I'm all about using what's already there for ease and speed, at least at this stage), all tied to brand
-Cover design and editing on non-fiction book
-brainstorm + prep for Fiction book
-blog posts and content (10 x week)
-adjust website with final touches
-commence proper interaction on social media and other channels to start providing some value

As you can see I am not starting from zero exactly, but I have more focus and a plan that is cohesive for a brand which I am already starting to implement.
That's it really - I am available to answer any questions you guys may have but didn't want to bore anyone. Always open to feedback!

Thanks for reading and for having me,

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First update and some thoughts.

- The cover for the non-fic book is done and waiting for next week's last pass and final check.
- started (or continued, really) on the first Fiction book: brainstormed plot, worldbuilding, characters, etc. Started on the writing too.
- prepped other 5 products to put on sale. Next week they will go live.
- brand work is almost finalized. This has involved more "behind the scenes" work, rather than logos etc (the latter are falling naturally into place as vision gets clearer).

Some takeaways so far:
I absolutely love what I'm doing. Making decisions is becoming easier because I have a vision that I am following, and therefore there is less space for doubts, waffling around, and procrastination.

- I also find myself "caring less", but in a nice way. There is no space for "I don't like doing that so I don't do it" or similar thoughts. Now I am just "It's part of the process. Don't waste energies liking or not liking - just get it done." That in turns makes things to be done very easy to deal with, with no angst or much hesitation. In the world of self-publishing, for example, it's quite common for people to say "I hate marketing, so I don't do it." or "No Facebook because I don't want it", "I like my cover and won't change it even tho everybody say it's horrible". This makes me sorta frustrated for these people (not directly, obviously. Respect your fellow writer, first of all), because they are losing revenue / audience reach / etc just based on their personal liking, and if you are trying to run a business you cannot do that. At least you should not complain about poor sales if you do.
I have the utmost love for fiction writing, authorship, literature, and all that. But the job of a self-publishing author is different than the point of view of a writer. And while I am both, I cannot be both at the same time. When I put up a product (my book) up for sale, I am a business person who needs to work as best as they can to produce the maximum amount of profit they possibly can. This, in my opinion, should not detract, distract, or conflict, with the art of writing or anything of that sort. But this can get lengthy and not the point of this thread specifically.

- Trying to evolve a model that allows for all this to follow the CENTS commandments, but mostly to actually progress to a decent balance between active and passive income - the aim is to build something of a powerhouse, that gets bigger (yet remains lean and adaptable), more stable, and doesn't involve slaving away while falling into a churn-faster-for-smaller-profits model.

Next steps will be:
-editing and formatting non-fiction book. Release expected in April
-platform building (so, connect with readers and other writers)
-products production and sale
-I have a redesigned scale of services which will go live next week
-continue writing the fiction book and all that revolves around it

All in all pleased with this week, but next week will be even better, right?


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Oct 9, 2017
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There's nothing instant about success. Over night wonders are made out of about 20 years of hard, unrecognized work. Keep getting one foot in front of the other everyday.
And then, someday when you've crested that summit, you have everyone around telling you how lucky you are to have just "fallen" into your success; Added to that, their stories about that they knew you when... You'll get to enjoy having the last laugh.

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