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The Ultimate Sales Machine, Chet Holmes - 10/10

Discussion in 'Education, Learning, Books' started by Dejan M, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Dejan M

    Dejan M New Contributor

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    Mar 9, 2008
    Slovenia, Europe
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    I don´t want to look like I only want to stir a debate in politics :smx3:, so here´s my summary of this great book. I really recommend it as the book is written in a very "how-to" way which I really like.


    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]The Ultimate Sales Machine, Chet Holmes[/FONT]​

    (1) Time management

    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Six main rules on time management:[/FONT]
    1. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Touch it once.[/FONT]
    2. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Daily lists of six important tasks.[/FONT]
    3. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Plan how long will each task take.[/FONT]
    4. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Assign time slots for accomplishing each task.[/FONT]
    5. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Focus on difficult first.[/FONT]
    6. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]'Will it hurt me to throw this away?'[/FONT]
    (2) Regular training
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]new-hire training = classroom teaching, policies, procedures[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]constant improving and advancing[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]repetition is the key[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]technology training[/FONT]
    (3) Effective meetings
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]3 p´s: planning, procedures, policies[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]workshops[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]memos -> procedures binder -> training manual[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]10 steps to implement any new policy:[/FONT]
    1. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Get everyone to feel the pain.[/FONT]
    2. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Hold a workshop to generate solutions.[/FONT]
    3. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Develop a 'conceptual solution or procedure'.[/FONT]
    4. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Leader/top talent personally performs procedure/task.[/FONT]
    5. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Set a deadline for testing the conceptual procedure.[/FONT]
    6. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Document step-by-step procedure/process.[/FONT]
    7. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Have show&tell and role playing.[/FONT]
    8. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Have another workshop on how to improve.[/FONT]
    9. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Monitor the procedure directly.[/FONT]
    10. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Measure and reward the outcome.[/FONT]
    (4) Become a brilliant strategist
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]strategy + tactics[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]setting the market´s buying criteria[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]the stadium pitch -> core story[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]only 3% are buying now[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]education based marketing[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]USP (unique selling proposition) -> more outwardly focused (on the client!)[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]collecting market data[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]'smoking gun' = position yourself above everyone else[/FONT]
    (5) Hiring superstars
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]always on performance -> commissions[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]personality profiling: DISC tests: dominance, influence, steadiness, compliance (D&C for salespersonel)[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]interviewing superstars: relax, probe, attack[/FONT]
    (6) Getting the best buyers
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]educational seminars[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]DREAM 100 -> best potential customers[/FONT]
      • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]mail, follow-up call, continue for months[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]dream affiliates[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]life time value[/FONT]
    (7) The 7 musts of marketing
    1. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Advertising.[/FONT]
    2. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Direct mail.[/FONT]
    3. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Corporate literature.[/FONT]
    4. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Public relations.[/FONT]
    5. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Personal contact.[/FONT]
    6. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Trade shows and market education.[/FONT]
    7. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Internet.[/FONT]
    (8) The eyes have it
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Rules for effective presenting:[/FONT]
    1. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Keep it simple, stupid.[/FONT]
    2. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Keep it fast paced.[/FONT]
    3. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Use 'wow' facts and statistics.[/FONT]
    4. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Build in opportunites for stories.[/FONT]
    5. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Your presentation shoud be curiosity driven.[/FONT]
    6. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Think of each headline as valuable real estate.[/FONT]
    7. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Be confident but not obnoxius.[/FONT]
    8. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Focus on them, not you.[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Common mistakes presenters make:[/FONT]
    1. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Thanking prospects for their time or apologizing for taking it.[/FONT]
    2. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Presenting with your hands in your pockets.[/FONT]
    3. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Presenting from a sitting position.[/FONT]
    4. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Being led around by your nose.[/FONT]
    5. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Letting the materials upstage you or guide you.[/FONT]
    6. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Keeping it totally serious.[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]offer education 'what to look for'[/FONT]
    (9) The nitty-gritty of getting the best buyers

    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Six simple steps:[/FONT]
    1. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Choose your dream 100.[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]be clear on the criteria[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]create a database[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]target: the one who has the authority to say YES[/FONT]
    1. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Choose the gifts.[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]cheap[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]useful, playful[/FONT]
    1. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Create your dream 100 letter.[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]it should accompany every gift[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]strategic approach[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]short, brief[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]focus on the offer[/FONT]
    1. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Create your dream 100 calendar.[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]a system for mailing every 14-30 days[/FONT]
    1. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Conduct dream 100 phone call follow-up.[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]goal: schedule an appointment[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]how to get around 'gatekeepers'[/FONT]
    1. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Present the executives briefing.[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]use market data[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]set the buying criteria in your favor[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]find the 'smoking gun'[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]hit their pain points[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]include pitch after the education[/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Pigheaded discipline and determination![/FONT]

    (10) Sales skills

    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Seven steps: [/FONT]
    1. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Establish rapport[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]know as much as possible about the client[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]education builds rapport[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]establishing rapport: ask great questions, have a sense of humor, commiserate, be empathethic and care about them, find the common ground, mirror[/FONT]
    1. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Qualify the buyer (find the need)[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]buying criteria[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]what the client is looking for in our product[/FONT]
    1. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Build value[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]present core story [/FONT]
      • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]build value[/FONT]
      • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]targeted to the buyer[/FONT]
    1. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Create desire[/FONT]
    1. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]market data[/FONT]
    2. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]intensifying the need[/FONT]
    3. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]make them uncomfortable, show them the problems[/FONT]
    1. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Overcome objections[/FONT]
    1. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]isolating the objection[/FONT]
    1. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Close the sale[/FONT]
    1. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Follow up[/FONT]
    (11) Follow-up and client bonding skills
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]10 steps to great follow-up[/FONT]
    1. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Send the first follow-up letter.[/FONT]
    2. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Make the first follow-up call.[/FONT]
    3. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Share something amusing or of personal interest.[/FONT]
    4. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Throw a party, share a meal, and bond like crazy.[/FONT]
    5. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Send another fax/email/letter/card.[/FONT]
    6. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Plan something fun that can include the family.[/FONT]
    7. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Offer something to help their business.[/FONT]
    8. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Send another fax/email/letter card.[/FONT]
    9. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Offer more help to succeed.[/FONT]
    10. [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]The ultimate follow-up: invite them to your home or be invited to theirs.[/FONT]
    (12) All systems go
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]what we think defines who we are [/FONT]
      • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]RETICULAR ACTIVATING SYSTEM [/FONT]
      • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]'fake it till you make it'[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]shortcut : before going to bed and right after waking up the brain is the most receptive[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]goal writing[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]measuring effectivenesss: worksheets, contests[/FONT]
    Here is the pdf if you´d like it:
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  2. Runum

    Runum Platinum Contributor Read Millionaire Fastlane I've Read UNSCRIPTED FASTLANE INSIDER Speedway Pass Summit Attendee

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    Aug 8, 2007
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    Going to buy the book today. Thanks for the review. ++++speed

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