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INTRO The road to solving the biggest problem

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Mar 15, 2019
I do not like math, and I always wanted to become an engineer. I always liked to solve problems, and I always admired the problem-solving mindset of engineers. So I started studying Industrial Engineering and Management, which is the engineering with the least science and the most business side. Basically it is about supply chain, logistics, and technology. I studied a bit in Mexico and got to see the manufacturing part of the industries, then I moved to the Netherlands and got to see the green technologies such as using microalgae for fuel, wave harvesting technologies, green food, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies.

I love reading, and during my studies, I stumbled upon the millionaire fast lane. So I started looking for problems to solve with CENTS; not only economic but societal. I did not only want to solve the energy problem but also wanted to do it sustainably and to solve a problem that benefits us all, in the present and the future. Engineering is about making systems more efficient, about shortening the supply chain and lowering costs. I started realizing that no matter how many problems we solve, we will end up creating more. That even if we make things more efficient people will end up overconsuming, and we will finish the planet.

We have food for the whole world, yet there are still people who are still starving. We can connect with anyone in the world, and there is still racism and hate. We can connect with everyone with our phones, yet people forget who they have in front. We have tinder and bumble, yet people are having less sex. We have a rich world with everything, yet people are still being exploited. We will arrive at mars (I think it´s pretty amazing), but then what?!

Let me introduce you to my country, Mexico. We are in between South America and us, in between the Pacific and the Atlantic, between Asia and Europe, we are in one of the most privileged positions in the world. We have 5 different climates, a lot of sun to harvest and petrol. We are rich in resources. Yet 42% of people here live in poverty. Why? Corruption, narcos, and violence, I see that in many countries people hate the country next to them, here in Mexico it is Mexicans against Mexicans, we are stealing from ourselves and killing ourselves.

So what is the biggest problem?

The biggest problem is a consciousness problem

This is something we have all been realizing, companies did not use to care about their employees nor their clients, now they are becoming client-centered and employee-centered because they are starting to realize companies are made of people working for people. I read on this forum some time ago "love the hell out of others and you will eventually have all the Ice cream you can eat" (please let me know who wrote this so I can cite him properly). If we help others we are helping ourselves. And that is what a lot of people are realizing. That is why Unscripted talks about being client-centered, over-delivering, and solving problems. Because the happier others are, the happier we will be. If you are reading this, you are probably on the top 1%, and it is our job to create this consciousness shift by helping others.

After realizing this I certified as a yoga teacher. My way of solving this consciousness problem will be by teaching the whole world to meditate. First I am starting with Mexico, my plan is to teach jails, schools, workplaces, and politicians. This way people will feel more whole and connected. I am sure violence will go down, and politicians will start making better decisions, people will start consuming only what they need and sharing more. My plan is to create an NGO for this. I have been building all my content, writing a blog, designing the website, and the plan.

What does this have to do with the Millionaire Fastlane?

I will be using the CENTS methodology to create massive peace.
This is my introduction post, so I will not be writing how, but watch out for my execution thread where I will.

P.S Thank you to all the people who contribute and share amazing ideas to this forum

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