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Sep 20, 2020
Hey All!
First off, I want to say hi to all you guys and looking forward to the goldmine of information that is hoarded within this mountain of a forum. Form the few posts that the auto emailer sends out when you first join, I'm giddy to get going.

But, I know you're reading this to hear about my story and what I'm doing. I'll aim to make it as interesting as possible for you. Here we go:

The Story

It was 2 weeks before Christmas. I ruffled through my possessions, making 2 piles on my bed. I was grateful that school was coming to an end. The teachers had grown more and more concerned with my disconnectedness from class. It didn't help that I was taking 5 A-Levels in 6th Form. Each one wanted to talk with me, and I stonewalled them with simple answers; letting anyone in was scarier than holding myself together. But on that bed of mine, I could see the light at the end of my abysmally dark tunnel.

Depression is a b*tch.

Those piles of my possessions were all I planned on leaving to my friends and family, specifically. They were mementos that I wanted to give so others would remember me and could gain some use out of them. But, the thought of what I planned to do didn't do too much to cheer me up.

A part of me didn't want to give up. Other parts didn't feel like there was any choice. The final few months of 2012 had been torture. At least it was ending.

In one of my drawers I came across an old wallet of mine. A tatty black thing coming apart at the sides. Opening it up, I found a folded note of paper hidden in the slot that holds cash. I uncreased the seam and read it.

3 words was all it took to redirect my life from utter despair to rabid determination.

3 words was all it took for me to decide that I was going to win and defeat my demons.

3 words was all it took for me to promise to myself that I would continue to build my life into something I was proud of. Something I could share.

I'm not going to tell you those 3 words. They're highly personal and I know for a fact that they wouldn't change anyone elses life if I told them.

I was 17 on that day. Now I'm 25 and I've done a lot that I am proud of after I got out of that rut.

I met a lot of fantastic people through learning social skills, particularly day game. I learnt that I didn't need to chase validation from others. I learnt the deepest secrets about myself that I needed for healing myself. I beat a national speaking champion in a speech competition through toastmasters. I've gained an ecommerce business mentor who's helping me grow my business. And I'm willing to learn and absorb everything I can from this forum whilst offering what I can in value back. Whatever it may be!

I started my first business over a year ago and only worked on it every now and then. Recently, I've started to work on it religiously everyday, with some time to rest.

If you're interested, my buisness is about selling "Jewellery with an Astrology Twist" (not that I believe in astrology, it was my best selling product and defined my niche). It isn't what I want to do long-term, but I needed to do something to get me out of the "say it and not do it" phase I was stuck in. This is my little experiment that I don't mind failing but where I can cut my teeth to learn what I need about business.

And if it succeeds? The exit strategy is to sell it and use the money to start something I care exponentially about.

My Goals:
What am I looking for in coming to this forum? I have 3 goals, they are:

1- Own a business that provides me with an income of £1,000,000/year that doesn't require me to work all day everyday.
2- Have my ideal physique and V02 max (measurements are here and I'm 5'8"/173cm; Waist: 31", Arms: 15", Chest: 42", Thighs: 24" and V02 Max: >45).
3- Have a Ph.D. in Maths/Statistics.

I want 1 because I want to help those around me and take care of myself too. I'm not particularly interested in material things except for having a nice house and nice clothes.

I want 2 because I wabt to look good and feel great. I'm not overweight but my weight has been creeping up from 60Kg (about 130lbs) to 75Kg (about 160lbs) with little of that being muscle.

I want 3 because I truly love understanding how the world works and, to me, Maths and Statistics are fundamental in exploring how the universe works and by extension people. Who does Psychology experiments without knowing if their data is statistically significant?

I want to say thank you for welcoming me here and I look forward to chatting with you and adding value. If you have any suggestions on how to do that, please post them below! That way I can get started on implementing them to help everyone here in anyway I can.

From have a good evening, from London!

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