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INTRO Tallahassee, FL here. Hello everyone!

Discussion in 'Forum Introductions (Who are you!?)' started by Lex Vance, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. Lex Vance

    Lex Vance Bronze Contributor

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    Feb 19, 2019
    Rep Bank:
    Hi everyone! After reading MJ's books, the red pill has melted & is coursing through my veins. I was a guitarist for 20 years. You know, following my passion! Needless to say everyone and their cousin has a studio on their laptop or plays for free while I wanted to make a living at it. Clubs & bars always go with the free bands! The music market is saturated and I never got out of the endless tour of dumpy dive bars while scratching out a living.

    After 4 years of, "following my passion" full-time, I now despise being in a band & left the music scene. It's taken me a while to even want to look at my guitar. So, I went back to work Monday through Friday as an apartment maintenance man. At the same time I was searching for the red pill because I felt something's wrong here. This can't be all there is.

    Boom! Amazon recommends the Millionaire Fastlane to me. So, I buy it. To make a long story short, I started chasing value & built a website that trains apartment maintenance technicians. Also, I created a YouTube channel where I film how to make every kind of repair that maintenance guys will face out in the field. And, I posted links to where they can purchase the tools that I use in my videos that make the job easier.

    So, I've planted a money tree that works for me 24 hours a day. When someone buys a tool from my links, I get a cut of the action. When an ad plays on YouTube, I get a cut of the action. When they click on an ad on my website, I get a cut of the action.

    The feedback loop has been amazing with praises & accolades from maintenance guys & property management companies all over the world. After reading your book, I found a market that's not sexy or popular. The dirty maintenance man market. It's been up & running for 3 years & it's now consistently producing $1,000 a month. While I sleep, eat, & vacation. And although it's from adsense & affiliate marketing, I'm working on creating something with more value that I totally control.

    When the scripted anonymous basement dwellers started piling in and leaving nasty comments, I knew I was on to something big. MJ thank you so much. And I wish I could write you a millionaire success story. But, you have no idea how much an extra $1,000 a month means to me. And it all started from a seed you planted.
    Thank you,
    Lex Vance
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