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SUCCESS STORY : Worlds Richest man Carlos Slim

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Jul 29, 2007
Portly and often puffing a cigar, Slim could pass for a latter-day Latin American J.P. Morgan. But with his dominant stakes in everything from phones to finance, his business profile more closely resembles that of John D. Rockefeller, who likewise thrived in a loosely regulated environment. (For the record, though, even in current dollars Rockefeller's wealth pales in comparison to Slim's: At his death in 1937, Rockefeller was worth $20.3 billion, representing one fifty-second of 1937 U.S. GDP.) The average Mexican encounters a Slim-owned business when she visits an ATM, drives a car, stops for coffee, and especially when she picks up the phone - Slim's Teléfonos de México controls 92% of the country's phone lines, and his América Móvil wireless service has a 70% market share. George W. Grayson, a professor of government at the College of William & Mary, coined the term "Slimlandia" to describe how entrenched the Slim family's companies are in the daily life of Mexicans.

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Jan 5, 2008
Mmm...I'm kind of biased.
I remember the days when no one knew his name but then everyone started saying he was lending his name out to slimeball president Carlos Salinas de Gortari. Fifteen years later he is the richest man in the world. Major owner of a monopoly that he bought from the gov't...No thanks. No role model here.

Yesterday, I read about Aristotle Onassis here:

None too flattering. But then again this is the web, anyone can write anything, so a grain of salt is always required.


New Contributor
Jan 25, 2008
I must say I agree with CACTUSWREN!

I spoke with an associate of mine today on this very subject.
I thought that it was Bill Gates but he said it was a "russian"? guy who created GOOGLE?

Anybody want to verify this?

By the way, LOVE Napoleon Hill!!!:love1:


Bronze Contributor
Oct 5, 2007
Mendoza, Argentina
The only Slim's owned company that I've used is CTI a cellphone service provider in my country, they are thieves plain and simple. Long story short, if you want to cease the contract, you better get a lawyer first...

The other company in here is Telmex, also owned by slim. The goverment paid them to built a telcom system for the local police, but the system doesnt work at all. The goverment is taking Telmex to trial.

I don't like Slim very much...


New Contributor
Jan 25, 2008
I'm not familiar w/ the mexican phone company, but why isn't there some sort of competition there like there is here?


Jul 2, 2010
Because like one true saying is not more truer then can be " The one with the money,makes the rules"


Because like one true saying is not more truer then can be " The one with the money,makes the rules"

Well that's the way it use to be in the USofA well over a hundred years ago. But since Teddy Roosevelt, the greatest president of all time took over, the rich weren't allowed to sell spoiled milk with the smell masked by formaldehyde anymore (amongst other needed balances). So I would have to say in the United States, the one with the money does not make the rules, even though corruption would like to make it appear as such.:smxB:

I could go on here... but, not worth it. :)

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