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Street Vendor Startup

Discussion in 'General Entrepreneurship and Startup' started by SeattWorkoholic, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. SeattWorkoholic

    SeattWorkoholic 5 kph

    Oct 14, 2011
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    Hey guys! I have a couple of low cost business ideas that i'm going to run with, but this is the one I plan on starting first. I have been researching for quite awhile about how to run my business and I am confident with hard work and persistence that I will be sucessful.

    So this startup business I wanted to either have a taco cart, or a hot dog cart. The tacos are going to be authentic mexican tacos. I speak Spanish, and I will have a bilingual mexican business partner, and we will make all of our own recipies. Both have experience making tacos and working with food so we will be fine at that aspect. I do not have the overhead to purchase a taco truck or anything close to that so I was looking on buying some kind of portable stand where I could cook the tacos, push the stand around if need be, and be able to tow it away with my truck at the end of the day. I was looking for stands and I found alot of information on hot dog carts, and that struck my mind as well; so the last couple weeks i've been doing nothing but researching information on this business. It was alot easier to find a cart, the startup is lower, and they are easier to run, but I know I can make alot more money selling tacos.

    So those are the ideas that i'm working with right now, but I have to incorporate licenses and laws into place. I know I could have a sucessful business up and running the day after tommorrow if I didn't need any licenses. So I know I am going to register my business as an LLC, and then I have to register with the state. I know how to do that, and then the next step is getting the street vending license and getting me a vending cart to work with. I do not know all the vending licenses and permits I need to have. I figure I have to have a food workers card, and then I need to have my cart meet health regulations. I called Seattle department of transportation number and left a message with my number to find out how to get a permit. Lucky for me they ignored my call and I know nothing!! Here is there website with the permit details. seattle.gov/transportation/stuse_vend.htm

    So that is it guys, I just need help being pointed in the right direction of the paperwork I need to do to get started. If anyone can point me out in a cart that would be aimed at tacos (I would prefer that over a hot dog stand) I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you guys for taking your time to help me out, I am very serious and your time will not be wasted!!

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