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Stating a Chicle Business

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New Contributor
Dec 24, 2018
Good Evening,
My team and I plan to :

1) Design a package, build a website, apply early customer development strategies, get proof of concept thru landing page / Pre Orders

2) Register Business

3) Buy chicle from mexican producers the way "chicza" does it.
Chicza USA

4) Package the chicle in a tablet form with our own printing from mexican Loeschpack plant.
Fold wrapping machine LTM | LoeschPack

5) Have a place to store the gum tablets.

6) Customers pre order / buy our gum tablets from the website and we ship to them.

My business partners and I are french citizens living in Paris.
One of us is a Full Stack Developer working at SAP
One of us is a Supply Chain Engineer at Lavazza
One of us is a Data Analyst Engineer at AID
I quit Engineering school, spent 2 years wantrepreneuring.
We're all 24-25 yo.

We have defined our vision, brand, market study, niches, early customer acquisition strategy.

Right now we are looking into :
1) Where should we register the business ?
2) Contacting the chicle producers, whom we have a hard time finding on the internet.
3) Where should we store the gum tablets before shipment ?
4) How should we proceed to ship the tablets to our customers ?


I will update this post as we execute tasks, add more information about our strategies and internal processes as the project goes.
I just joined the forum, read some threads that are relevant to our case, and plan on reading MJ De Marco's books.
The point of this thread is for me to get feedback, while I give a more and more transparent insight on our business and "train of thought" as it evolves. (I've always wanted to see a "day to day fom A to Z" log of a business developing, as I feel it can be very useful for people getting into entrepreneurship, interesting for people analyzing how startups work, and entertaining for seasoned entrepreneurs).

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New Contributor
Sep 3, 2018
Hi guys, i'm in France too ! ( Chatou precisely).
How is it going ?


Platinum Contributor
Speedway Pass
Mar 16, 2017
Hey! We might have a customer for you. Who was our chewing gum guy that needed something special?

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