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Jun 8, 2019
While thinking much about businesses and the demands for that, I got an idea for something carowners here would like to have. My calculator talks about millions. Though it would be only a part of it, it d be enough.

Now I have some problems:
-My employer could think, I have a conflict between that and my current job. No problem, when it works, but could be a problem, when not
-I would buy something, put on my lable and sell it for an different purpose, which allows a scaled price. What, when people recognice that and what can I do, that they dont?
-I allways am afraid of being offended by competitors. Written and judical. How to deal with that?
-I have no possibility to get a different business adress than my private one. Do you see a problem there?
-and finaly: I would like to make ma hp and the seo by myself, though I m a beginner at this. Shopify and scour the internet for advice. What do you think about that?

BTW: I got the idea yesterday while I rode my bycicle a fast, steep downhill and couldn t sleep last night because of that shit. I m afraid, this time it could be serious.
Ask for advice. Thanks

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Mar 1, 2018
Atlanta, GA
I'm a little confused about your business idea.

It seems like you're repurposing a current product to solve a new problem.

Consider reposting your questions after you get some sleep.

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