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The Abundant Man

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Jul 3, 2018
I have an idea for a science blog about anything space related. It'd be more of an educational platform.

There will be a section for space science. It will be anything science related from planets to blackholes on how they work and function.

Then there will be a section on space history. From Aristotle and Pythagoras nitcing that the Earth has a curvature to the Space Race during the Cold War to Billionaires taking us to Mars and beyond.

There will be a Book Review section for any astronomy books and a movie review section for any sci-fi movie reviews.

In the future, I might do a podcast interviewing scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers etc. if the blog gains any traction.

I'd monetize the website through SEO, Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate.

I would also have an email list to have traffic.

Is this viable?

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Aug 16, 2008

I am speaking as someone who failed as an affiliate marketer, had a bit more success blogging, just a bit more success self publishing ebooks, but mostly as a consumer of all 3.

Your concept burns the candle at both ends: history of science and the evolution of science, concerning space.

Unique, fresh content on autopilot (written, audio, and video,) exclusive interviews/podcast when possible, and making sure all the content is monetized and you just may be on to something.

Science is an evergreen topic and an under-understood genre by far too many in America.

I imagine it to be tedious in the beginning, but once the system of automation is implemented, you may be on to something.


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Mar 16, 2017
Just write it like you might talk in front of a class, don't write it like you are trying to impress Google. Make some posts 1200 words long and make some 4000 words long. Nice, neat and clear with a few good pictures on a really good theme and you will go far. Just don't cram it with ads. Great content will let you become the leader of your niche.

Ever went to a blog expecting to find good stuff and a lot of it only to find some good stuff but only 2 small paragraphs? Yeah, don't be that blog.


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Aug 6, 2017
New Mexico gets a ton of traffic, so I guess that's validation. You'd probably want to find a subniche or angle where you can skew value, since they've been around a long time & have a ton of content in the niche.

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